May 16, 2022 7:12 pm

Sayas and Adanero ratify their accusations against UPN before the party’s Guarantees Committee




The still deputies of the Union of the Navarrese People (UPN) in Congress, Sergio Sayas and Carlos Garcia Adanero, have been ratified this Monday in the accusations against the leadership of the party and its president, Javier Esparza, during the statement they made before the Training Guarantees Committee in Pamplona. The two parliamentarians, whom the party demands their act and warns of expulsion for having voted against, last Thursday, the decree to validate the labor reform of the Government of Pedro SanchezThey consider that they neither failed in their duty nor contravened the guidelines of the UPN leadership, which they accuse of having “deceived everyone” about their negotiations with the central Executive, as Adanero told journalists upon arrival. to the party’s headquarters in the Navarran capital.

Sayas later declared that he had not “broken” the party’s discipline and that he was going to “fight” to remain in it “because in no case have we breached the statutes.”

Both Sayas, who has gone with a lawyer, and Adanero, allege that they did not breach any mandate by not voting in favor of the labor reform, just as Esparza had announced that they would do so late last Wednesday, the day before the Plenary in the Parlament. According to his account, what the leadership of the party did was order its leaders to reach an agreement by which the PSOE and in particular the Socialist Party of Navarra (PSN) would break their ties with Bildu, thanks to whose support the socialist Maria Chivite presides over the Foral Community. And that is something, they argue, that was not achieved not even with the retreat of the Socialists when it came to failing the mayor of Pamplona, Enrique Mayan, nor with the budget agreement in items worth 27 million euros for the city.

A conflict that comes from afar

In reality, the disagreements between Esparza and his deputies in Madrid went back a long way. In fact, in 2020 Sayas disputed Esparza for the presidency of the formation in a primaries in which he was defeated with 40% of the votes of the militancy.

According to training sources, already in that first year of the pandemic, the deputies in the Lower House expressed to the management their disagreement with supporting the six-month extension of the state of alarm in October of that year, which the Executive had to carry out with the support, among others, of Ciudadanos, after voting not so much for the PP as for the ERC. But on that occasion they finally decided to vote in favor, as the party asked them, to a state of alarm that the Constitutional Court (TC) would later brand as unconstitutional in 2021.

Last week, on the other hand, Sayas and Adanero decided to vote against what the UPN president had announced, whom they accuse of not even calling them on Wednesday and Thursday (their number two in the party did) to give them details. of the agreement it had reached with the socialist part of the coalition government.

The two parliamentarians reject the accusations of “transfuguismo” that have come these days singularly from the PSOE, and assure that they voted in conscience and in line, they assure, with what the UPN voters want.

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