May 16, 2022 4:35 pm

In a violent robbery, a group of motochorros shot a retired police officer and escaped with almost a million pesos

A retired federal police officer was shot in the head. after six offenders armed on board three motorcycles entered to rob a wholesaler in the Buenos Aires town of San Francisco Solano, in Admiral Brown, where they took almost a million pesos. For the fact, Two young men were arrested as reported by police and judicial sources.

The episode occurred last Friday when staff from the 5th police station. received a call notifying of a robbery in a sausage distributor located on El Picaflor and Arturo Illia streets, in the aforementioned town of Almirante Brown district, south of Greater Buenos Aires.

Upon arrival at the scene, the officers met with the owner of the business, who stated that minutes before six armed “motochorros” entered the premises with the intention of robbery.

The criminals had a confrontation with a 55-year-old retired federal police officer, who works as a custodian of the premises, in addition to having a friendly relationship with the owner.

Police sources assured Télam that, at that moment, a struggle began between the custodian and one of the criminals, who fired. The retired policeman suffered a cut on his scalp, for which he was taken to the hospital to treat him.

After the fact, the troops alerted mobile phones in the area to find the criminals, who They fled with an approximate sum of 980 thousand pesos.

Minutes later, a mobile from the Patrol Command found two subjects who were on board a white Honda XRE motorcycle that did not have a license plate.

They quickly proceeded to identify them and, after verifying that their physical characteristics coincided with those observed in the security cameras of the event, they were apprehended.

The suspects were identified like Marcelo Enrique García, 22, and Sebastián Jonathan Martínez, 20, who they had in their possession 25 thousand pesos in cash, part of the mutiny.

The fact was investigated by the prosecutor Nicolás Espejo, of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 7 of Lomas de Zamora, who labeled the file as “robbery, weapon abuse and injuries”.

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