May 14, 2022 6:34 pm

If it doesn’t happen, Boca invents it: clumsiness, arrogance, arrogance or negligence?

It would be fantastic to imagine how Battaglia is going to insert Benedetto. Or if Figal will be able to hide the absences of Rojo and Izquierdoz at the start of the Liberators cup, for the suspension dates that they will have to pay for the post-elimination scandal in Brazil. We would love to discuss whether alongside Pol Fernández, who one suspects will be a starter, he should play a 5 with muscle like Campuzano or another more elegant but with less kick like Varela. That is what we like, what really matters to us. But there is little football and insipid friendlies and if it is a question of seasoning the time of abstinence waiting for the season to raise the curtain, Boca once again insists on being news off the field. It’s like the guy who every day when he comes back from work has to bring a story to tell. Never a “everything normal” to the question of “how did it go?”.

Something always happens in Boca, there is always something to tell. And what is unusual and striking at this point is that when nothing happens, when the waters seem calm, something or someone causes them to become cloudy. And that someone comes from within. Then yes, obviously, the material is cannon fodder to fill hours and centimeters of all media, but if it doesn’t happen, Boca invents it. For some time now, probably since the final in Madrid and with a growing trend in the new management, Boca has that rare ability to self-boycott, which allows him, even in good times, in moments of joy and optimism, to inexplicably shoot himself in the foot.

An archive image that will hardly be updated again: Wanchope Ábila with the Boca shirtMarcelo Aguilar

The list is long. The departure of Tevez, the departure of Pol Fernández, the resignation of Mario Pergolini, the late return of Cardona after the Copa América, the conflict with Villa and there is more. The embarrassing spectacle after the elimination against Mineiro, the wear and tear of Miguel Russo and his weakening in the position of coach, the episode of the bus with the players and Riquelme, Lisandro López, Buffarini and Zárate at the time, Wanchope Ábila now. And before someone could put on the table the “Ah, but Ríver!”, because on the sidewalk in front not everything is perfect and those of Angileri or Rolheiser are good examples, what is analyzed are the forms more than the substance . Everyone has garbage, but some put it under the rug and others air it out, due to clumsiness, arrogance, arrogance or negligence.

The truth is, with Boca there is no way to get bored because things always happen. The curious thing is that in “Deportivo Ganar Siempre”, as Juan Carlos Lorenzo once baptized it, not even winning reigns peace anymore.

For Brandsen 805 there is a first structural problem, of hierarchies. Boca is a soccer club and not WITH soccerThat’s why we all knew that whoever could convince Riquelme to play for his side had won the election a couple of years ago. What the passage of time has confirmed for us is the subtle distinction between government and power. In Boca the president is Ameal and the one who decides is Román. The highs, the lows, the technicians and the times. The particular thing is that around him the famous Football Council and its members support him, in their statements, their treatment or mistreatment and their reactions, sometimes they seem to have forgotten that, although they now have another responsibility, at some point they were on the other side of the counter and with a Topo Gigio or a T-shirt with graffiti referring to some leader they were critical of the management of the shift. In other words: the players repeat ad nauseam that most of the leaders know little or nothing about football. When listening to some characters of the “xeneize” life, one wonders if the subject “management of human relations” is approved.

Cascini, Bermúdez and Delgado, the trio that make up the Football Council led by Juan Román Riquelme
Cascini, Bermúdez and Delgado, the trio that make up the Football Council led by Juan Román RiquelmeMouth Press

Neither the idolatry nor the imprint of Román is discussed. He and his image as a footballer are in another dimension and although this is something else, the majority of the fans continue to support him. The rest of the Council accompanies. Sometimes he will say “yes, sir”, one intuits that almost always and on some occasions he will give his point of view. It must not be easy. Boca is not easy and if on top of that the obsession is the Cup and almost 15 years have passed since the last Olympic round in 2007, everything is much more complex. The drama, because that’s how they live it, is that all the rest always seems little and in the midst of those frustrations at the continental level, the team has won different local tournaments, several of them without reaching a high level, it’s true, but for the purpose of satisfying the appetite, nothing is enough.

Some will talk about cabaret 2.0 with this song by Wanchope. Surely Diego Latorre never imagined that his phrase, which is already written in sepia, would continue to come to light so often and with such force. In conflicts between parties, no one tells the whole truth. Each one carries water for their mill and defends their interests. And it’s OK. We look from the outside knowing that you always have to have popcorn on hand.

“Let the championship start once and for all, so we can talk about football,” some fan fed up with these soap operas will say, but nothing and no one can dare to ensure that once the ball is put on the field, everything will magically vanish. In the end, it’s as Claudio Borghi once said when he sat on the bench as the club’s coach: “Managing Boca is like making love with an open window.”

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