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“Hell Week”: the brutal training of the United States Marines in which a cadet died

Los Navy Seals or, in Spanish, the teams of United States Navy Land, Sea, and AirThey are the elite force of the entire military structure of that country. They are the ones who are prepared to carry out the most risky special missions in defense of their country anywhere on the planet.. But to become part of this group of excellence it is necessary, among other things, go through a very tough training period known as ‘Hell Week’, or ‘Hell Week’.

This is a training that can be so extreme and demanding that last week the Navy itself reported that a soldier died, after completing his Hell Week, in a hospital in Coronado, California, while another of his companions ended up hospitalized in a medical center in the city of San Diego.

The candidates to be Navy Seal must undergo a 24-week period of training in land and water survival and combat tactics called BUD/S, to prepare them to deal with situations of war or special actions. The Navy Seals They were, for example, those who killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, or those who invaded Panama in 1989 to put an end to the dictatorship of Manuel Noriega.

Hell Week consists of training all day and sleeping only 20 hoursInstagram / @navyseal

Within this training of elite American soldiers is included the hell week, which consists of five strenuous days in which the recruits test their physical and mental strength to the maximum and its ability to bear the pain having to go through a series of rigorous tests.

the week of hell is so extreme that only 50 to 60 percent of each litter of candidates for forming the elite body manages to overcome it.

The challenge It starts on Sunday at midnight and runs until the following Friday, it takes place on the coasts of California or Florida. Recruits can sleep just four hours and often finish each day hungry, dirty, wet, muddy and sandy. His goal every minute is not to give up and overcome each of the hostile challenges that his instructors pose.

“This week mental strength is 90 percent more important than physics. Their bodies are surely prepared for this and much more, but the head is what helps them to fall or not be defeated”, says one of these instructors. al sitio Men’s Health.

Only 50 to 40 percent of recruits make it through Hell Week.
Only 50 to 40 percent of recruits make it through Hell Week.Instagram / @Navyseal

The recruits get up before the sun rises, at four in the morning, and for two hours they perform a physical training that includes running tests, jumps of obstacles and other exercises, while the instructors hose them down with water.

Then it’s time for breakfast and cleaning the rooms, something that is done quickly, first aid classes, and then, more tests of physical resistance: pull-ups, jumps, push-ups and sit-ups to repetition in endless series until lunchtime. Then more physical activities, but this time in the water: swimming, rowing, underwater raids.

snack time arrives, military strategy talks and more physical tests. Always demanding the maximum of the body, and always at the mercy of hoses from superiors. The idea of ​​the officers is to physically and mentally crush the recruits, take away their morale, to make them resistant to pain and adversity or force them to get off the ship.

After dinner, to sleep, and again, the next day, the same routine.

The recruits point out that the most terrible thing about the hell week, beyond the harshness of the physical tests, it is fight against lack of sleep. The best they can do is stay active so as not to fall asleep and take advantage of any minimal break time to take a short nod. To do this, they have an easy technique to fall asleep in just two minutes.

But then, they must get back into the swing of things and overcome trials and adversity to make it through the grueling week of training whole.

Regarding the death of the recruit that occurred after this hard stage of training, it is known that It happened on February 4 at the Sharp Coronado Hospital in Coronado, California. and the navy indicated that they were investigating what the causes of death had been. The other soldier, who was in stable condition, was referred to the Naval Medical Center San Diego, also in California.

After Hell Week, one recruit died in California, and another ended up in the hospital.
After Hell Week, one recruit died in California, and another ended up in the hospital.Instagram / @navysealfoundation

The last fatal case in a training of the Navy Seals had happened in 2016, when the cadet James Derek Lovelace drowned while exercising in a Coronado pool. The 21-year-old, fully clothed and wearing shoes, was trying to stay afloat in the water as his instructor pushed him down in a mock battle. Suddenly, the cadet lost consciousness and died.

This death was initially recorded as homicide by San Diego Medical Examiner. But a year later, after an investigation, the Navy said it would not press criminal charges for the recruit’s drowning. According to information from the United States Navy, an autopsy revealed that the soldier had an enlarged heart that would have contributed to his death. Also, he had an abnormal coronary artery, something that can be associated with sudden death, especially in athletes.

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