May 17, 2022 8:35 am

Controversial campaign in a land that does not expect big surprises




After Soria, it is the one that chooses the fewest attorneys for the Cortes of Castilla y León. A total of six are at stake in the province of Segovia, one of the territories in which fewer surprises are predicted on February 13 and in which the polls most coincide.

The one from GAD 3 for ABC points to three prosecutors for the PP -whose candidacy is led by the regional secretary general, Francisco Vázquez- and two for the PSOE -with José Luis Vázquez as the head of the bill-. It would be an inverse result to that of the 2019 Elections with which the popular ones would recover the position of the most voted list. The last in discord would be for Vox and its candidate Susana Suárez, a seat in the autonomous parliament that Santiago Abascal’s would take from Ciudadanos – this time it presents Afrodisio Martínez – who was the third force with the most votes in the previous electoral appointment, in which the province after seeing its population decrease lost a solicitor to choose.

We can, that four years ago, in 2015, had had a gap, it was already left out then and this time its candidate Carlos Serrano could gather more votes by going in confluence with IU.

Without a provincial proposal for Empty Spain, or local parties on its borders, It is the province that brings together the fewest candidates and, in fact, it is the only one in which fewer than ten attend. Even so, a land near Madrid has been a recurring recipient of visits from national leaders since the elections were called. Among them, Pablo Casado. There he advanced that he would denounce before the Electoral Board an announcement by Pedro Sánchez about the old military camp of Monte la Reina in Zamora, although it has not had a tour. An announcement launched precisely in a square where these accusations have marked the beginning of the race to the polls.

The pre-campaign and campaign are thus being conflictive at the foot of the Aqueduct with several cross complaints between popular and socialists for the use of institutions as a loudspeaker with which to air achievements of a formation for electoral purposes that have been brought before the Electoral Board . To them is added the controversy that surrounded the City Council and the Board, regarding the processing for the declaration of Regional Interest of the logistics project and dry port in Prado del Hoyo that the popular announced from the candidacy and of which they had no official news from the regional Executive in the Town Hall.

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