May 23, 2022 10:50 pm

Adulterated cocaine: Aníbal Fernández said that Sergio Berni lied and explained how he acted on a request he made

Aníbal Fernández referred again this morning to the short circuit he maintains with Sergio Berni around the cause of the adulterated cocaine that caused at least 20 deaths and left dozens of people hospitalized. The Minister of Security of the Nation said that his counterpart from the province of Buenos Aires lied and explained how he acted in response to a request made to him.

“We are very much in contact with the deputy chief of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) who is the one in charge at the moment,” Fernández said in dialogue with the TN channel. Later, he reported that at the moment there are “four people, three men and one woman, hospitalized in this situation. Later two more people were added.

The head of the National Security portfolio explained that “the investigation carried out by the PFA laboratory has not revealed the existence of a certain substance.” In this sense, he explained that, at the moment, “it is not known if it is an opioid substance or a substance misused for something that in itself is something that generates death such as cocaine, but also the concern that it may even be poison . All that concern is focused on the results that the laboratory can give us.”

On the crosses that he maintains with his counterpart from the Buenos Aires administration, Fernández said: “An old Spanish saying says ‘two don’t fight if one doesn’t want to’. If my former friend goes to Radio Miter on a Sunday and is picked up by all the media, it’s because he had something prepared. Do it and enjoy it. I don’t have time to waste on those things.”

In this sense, the Minister of Security of the Nation treated Berni as a liar and explained, in great detail, his version of a telephone communication that they had a few hours after the outbreak of the poisoned drug scandal. “What he lies about is that the day he calls me at 7:45 p.m. I arrive at a dinner, he tells me to alert those who may consume. Paradoxically, those of us who have to fight against drug trafficking, in this case work with what is known in the world as ‘harm reduction’. See how we could do so that those who consume this type of substance do not do so in 48 hours, avoiding more deaths,” said Fernández.

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