May 22, 2022 3:12 pm

A Russian climber died while trying to climb Mount Aconcagua

One climber in Russian he died in the early hours of sunday after suffering a decompensation when making the ascent on the Aconcagua hill, in Mendoza, Police sources confirmed this afternoon.

Through the official frequency of the provincial park, it was learned that, at 4 in the morning, one person would have suffered a decompensation in the access area called Piedras Blancas, at an approximate height of 6,100 meters above sea level (masl).

This is a climber of Russian nationality identified by the Mendoza police as Dimitri Teslenko, 61 years old, who He was part of an expedition for ten days.

The climber underwent cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) maneuvers and the tour leader of the team found that he had no vital signs, according to police information.

Aconcagua Park, MendozaMarcelo Aguilar

As detailed, police patrol personnel rescue went to the place and they evacuated the body to Nido de Cóndores (5,400 meters above sea level), where they were waiting for a helicopter to arrive to take them to the Horcones base.

This is the second death that occurs during this season on the Aconcagua hill. The first occurred on January 10, and it was Claudio Leonel Marengo, a 55-year-old retired soldier who undertook the adventure “alone”.

“This is a retired military man, who was circulating alone and would not be linked to a coronavirus infection. He was the only climber who did not return to camp. It’s a real shame what happened.” told this newspaper a high source of the special groups that work every season on the highest mountain on the continent.

The mountain climber was spotted by mountain experts in the area known as La Canaleta, a traditional path at the top that allows you to finally reach the Roof of America. In fact, the citizen’s death occurred at 6890 meters high, less than 100 meters from the summit. Nestled in the Andes Mountains, Aconcagua is the most imminent peak in the region with 6961 meters high.

Last year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, access to the Park was closed, while in the 2020 edition there was a death of a Russian athlete, after no deaths were recorded in 2019, after almost three decades.

With information from the Télam agency

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