May 19, 2022 11:38 am

They find two dead twins in their house: it was complicated for the Police to enter because they were accumulators

The garbage piles later found inside the house were the ones hindered the entry of police officers, what should they have summon the firefighters to help them. is that so much March What Silvia, the twin sisters 59-year-olds who were found dead inside, were accumulators. Both were dead at the entrance of the authorities, who had been notified by the neighbors, worried about not seeing them for more than ten days.

It all happened in the Alberdi neighborhood, in the north of Rosario, In the same house where, in the middle of the pandemic, the father of the sisters was also found dead, who, in an event similar to that of his daughters, was dead inside the home for three days.

Of the twins, Marta was the one who died first – according to what was reported on the Rosario channel Three– and Silvia, who had a disability and was cared for by her sister, afterwards. In addition to not seeing them a few days ago, the neighbors began to feel foul smell, since it was later learned that the bodies were in an advanced state of decomposition.

“They hadn’t answered us for several days, they hadn’t cut the grass. They are accumulators. I’ve asked them to clean the bottom. They were 59 years old and lived alone. Last year the father died in the midst of a pandemic, the Police came too, ”he explained to Three the neighbor who contacted the police.

“We decided, with two neighbors who are adjoining, to call so they could come see what was happening. I’ve seen them for 15 or 20 days, I had thrown the gas bill at them and nobody picked it up “, said the woman, who had been a neighbor of the twins for 14 years.

Meanwhile, another neighbor said that the sisters were “educated” and added: “I saw them almost every day. Honestly, it’s unfortunate.”

However, she also detailed the awkward moments she spent due to this hoarding problem the twins suffered from, known as Diogenes syndrome The compulsive hoarding disorder “There were moments, with the temperature, that there were some amazing smells. I didn’t see them when they put things together, now I realize that the house is full of garbage. It’s impressive,” he said, surprised.

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