May 17, 2022 7:59 pm

Horror in Santiago del Estero: a man raped his schizophrenic daughter and left her pregnant

A horror story shakes Santiago del Estero. A 54-year-old man was arrested. in the town of Avellaneda, lafter that a DNA test will reveal that he is the father of his own 29-year-old daughter’s baby. The women schizophrenic and -according to local media- it cannot fend for itself.

Instructors and officers from Section No. 19 of the Santiago del Estera Police are working on the case, which is followed by the prosecutor Florencia Garzón, according to the local newspaper. The Liberal.

“Sexual abuse with carnal access aggravated by the quality of guardian and pre-existing cohabitation”. Those are the tentative charges filed by the judicial official, who will investigate the accused this week.

As it turned out, the complaint was made by the victim’s sister in mid-2021. There it was revealed that the woman was a psychiatric patient who had been diagnosed three years earlier with paranoid schizophrenia. “She would be considered dangerous to herself and others; he would not be able to fend for himself on his own and would need care, always”, it was warned in The Liberal.

In the presentation made by the victim’s sister, it was indicated that the woman was pregnant as a result of rape. So it was that prosecutor Garzón ordered a DNA analysis of at least twenty neighbors, including the young woman’s father.

Judicial officials proceeded to take samples. Geneticists determined that the father of the baby was the father of the victim. Then, The officer proceeded to request the arrest of the subject, a measure that was granted by Judge Álvaro Mansillas.

The police appeared last Friday to arrest the man, who – according to local media – did not offer any resistance when the handcuffs were placed on him and he was notified that he was being detained for the sexual abuse of his daughter.

In this context, it has been decided that the woman assumes the responsibility of raising the baby and an 11-year-old girl, the result of the relationship that the victim had before being diagnosed.

For its part, the Añatuya Ombudsman is working to proceed with the admission of the woman to the Diego Alcorta Psychiatric Hospital, where she usually receives medical care.

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