May 17, 2022 2:15 pm

Hand in hand and smiling: the romantic outing to the theater of Soledad Fandiño and her boyfriend, Lucas Langelotti

Soledad Fandino and Lucas Langelotti continue to be shown together and very much in love. The couple had spent their vacations in January in José Ignacio, where the flashes recorded talks in the sand and visits to various inns in the area. In the middle of last year, the actress and host confirmed that she was in a relationship with the jeweler and, since then, they share many activities together.

Soledad and Lucas, inseparableGerardo Viercovich

In January they were also seen with Benjamín Vicuña, a friend of Fandiño, who was enjoying a few relaxing days in the same district of the neighboring country, and who was already beginning to be seen with his new girlfriend, the marketing graduate Eli Sulichin. Likewise, both couples were photographed at the La Huella parador, one of the busiest beaches, and their presence did not go unnoticed.

The bride and groom, posing smiling for the flashes
The bride and groom, posing smiling for the flashesGerardo Viercovich

On Saturday night, Fandiño and Langelotti shared another romantic outing, and this time they chose the theater. The couple went to the Metropolitan to see the play She in my head the comedy directed by Javier Daulte starring Joaquín Furriel, Florencia Raggi and Juan Leyrado. The bride and groom entered the room smiling and hand in hand, and took photos with Furriel once the performance was over.

Soledad Fandiño and her partner went to see Javier Daulte's show and posed with one of its protagonists, Joaquín Furriel
Soledad Fandiño and her partner went to see Javier Daulte’s show and posed with one of its protagonists, Joaquín FurrielGerardo Viercovich

“When I read the work I was very surprised because it was very playful in its proposal. And that path, that of playfulness, is the one I chose for this show. It is a night of insomnia, a moment of hallucinated lucidity of this man tortured by his insecurities”, Javier Daulte had expressed to LA NACION, who had seen the previous setting of Oscar Martínez: “I could not compare but I took advantage of it to keep myself the least conditioned possible when it comes to imagining and working”. For its part, Furriel declared that the work is in favor of therapy, “Of that confrontation when one can no longer with oneself. Did you see when you want to cover something that is broken? That’s funny,” said the actor.

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