May 18, 2022 7:05 pm

Futsal America Cup: Argentina beat Brazil on penalties and will play the final with Paraguay

Hugs, celebrations, shouts of encouragement and, above all, great enthusiasm: The Argentina beat Brazil on penalties (2-1) in the semi-final of the America Cup of futsal and will play this Sunday the decisive match against the local team, Paraguay, who had beaten Colombia 4-2 in the first round. The match ended 3-3 in regulation time, and the Argentine goalkeeper appeared in the definition, Nicholas Sarmiento. Current player of Betis, saved the shots of Ferrao, the Brazilian captain, Pito Y Marcenio.

“The work of the entire team cannot even be described. It is the second such defining game that we have won on penalties in a few months. It is a feeling of a lot of adrenaline”, said Sarmiento, the Argentine hero, in statements to television. He added: “The eggs in this selection are incredible. It is not just another game for us or for Brazil. He is our biggest rival. Playing against them is always special. It was not just another game”, completed the goalkeeper, a former River. Regarding the final, which will be played this Sunday, Sarmiento predicted: “This is not over. We are going to recover and think about tomorrow’s tournament. This is just one more step in our goal.”

Sarmiento’s decisive save

In regulation time, the match ended tied 3-3. The scoreboard was a roller coaster: Argentina took the lead with a goal from Borruto, but Brazil equalized from a penalty and thanks to Ferrao. Matheus, already in the second half, scored the 2-1. However, Argentina turned the result around with a great forehand from Claudino and then a direct free kick from Cuzzolino. It seemed that those led by Matías Lucuix took the ticket to the final, where Paraguay, the local, awaits. But Brazil, with Marcenio, found the equalizer after the ball deflected in Ressia and dislodged the Argentine goalkeeper, Sarmiento. At that point, both teams had already reached five fouls. In the Brazilian team, in addition, their goalkeeper, Guitta, had been expelled for a handball outside the area when he already had a yellow card.

The first extra time was almost all of Argentina, planted in the Brazilian field and attacking in search of the fourth goal. As a result of that pressure, Brazil had a direct free kick, which Ferrao executed and Sarmiento repelled, to save the hearts of the Albicelestes. Near the end, Vaporaki had a double chance, after stealing the ball. Roncaglio, this time, saved his own twice. And he celebrated it as if it were a goal.

The Argentine players celebrate the first goal in the match against Brazil, scored by Cristian BorrutoTwitter @pasionfutsal

On the first play of the second overtime, Edelstein, in extremis, saved the national goal when Sarmiento could only do God’s goal, like a handball goalkeeper. The ball went over the crossbar, and the partial 3-3 remained. With three minutes remaining, Argentina went to look for the game with Cuzzolino, the captain, as goalkeeper-player: An entire declaration of principles. The albiceleste team, dressed in dark blue, kept possession of the ball and was very close to scoring. Between the stick and goalkeeper Roncaglio they avoided him.

The celebration of the Argentine team

But Brazil defended itself with everything it had at its disposal and Argentina, who tried everything until the end, could not find the loophole that would give them victory. Therefore, the semifinal went to penalties. And there appeared the enormous figure of Sarmiento to give the victory (and qualification to the final) to the Argentine team. The tears and emotion of Lucuix, Albiceleste coach, reflected what this victory means for the Argentine squad. He is one step away from glory. One more time.

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