May 18, 2022 4:53 pm

Coronavirus Valencia today: municipalities at very high risk of contagion and restrictions until March



19:09Pedro Cavadas’ predictions about the effects of the coronavirus vaccine and the end of the use of the mask
The data of the WHO and the latest forecasts of epidemiologists confirm the predictions of the Valencian surgeon.
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19:09Complete list of municipalities of the Valencian Community without coronavirus infections
A total of 45 localities have not registered any case of Covid-19 during the last two weeks.
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19:09Minister Morant assures that Spain “is prepared to remove the mask outdoors”
The head of Science remarks that the Government imposed the obligatory use of face mask because “it was necessary for citizens to become aware.”
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19:09List of cities in the Valencian Community that continue to be at very high risk due to coronavirus
Only Villarreal, Alcoy and Castellón exceed four thousand cases of accumulated incidence while Benidorm is below two thousand positives of Covid-19.
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19:09Ximo Puig will maintain the restrictions due to the coronavirus until March and advises to continue with the mask
The president of the Generalitat Valenciana defends the use of the face mask outdoors and does not foresee any change regarding the covid passport.
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19:09Twenty-somethings will begin to be vaccinated this week in Valencia
The Generalitat has accelerated vaccination against coronavirus in the city of Valencia with the citation of the first under thirty to receive the booster dose at the City of Arts and Sciences vaccination center.
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19:09List of the 480 Valencian municipalities that remain at very high risk of spreading the coronavirus
The incidence begins to drop and there are fewer localities with an incidence of over 500 cases.
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19:09The prior appointment is no longer mandatory in face-to-face attention to the citizens of the Generalitat Valenciana
The measure approved by the regional Executive seeks to reduce timeouts and improve the quality of service.
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19:09«Mouthwashes are an effective tool to reduce the infecting capacity of Ómicron»
The biochemist Ismael Mingarro defends the rinses as an “additional measure but never to replace the mask or hand washing”.
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