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Camilla, from love in the shadows to the future queen consort of Charles of England after the public support of Elizabeth II

LONDON.- Elizabeth II today celebrated 70 years of reign over Great Britain and, in addition to royal jubilation, the afternoon was filled with hope for the future king, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla of Cornwall. Caerlos of Wales thanked the will of the monarch when on Sunday expressed his wish that Camilla would become a queen of consort instead of a princess, as had been envisioned years before.

“When in the fullness of the times my son Carlos becomes king, I know that they will give him and his wife Camilla the same support that they have given me”, he said in his message on Sunday.

The remarks – a boon that will likely eliminate the need for any discussion of future titles – follows an earlier time when Camilla was vilified by the press for breaking up Charles’s marriage to his first wife, Princess Diana.

We are deeply aware of the honor that my mother’s wish representsthe 73-year-old prince said in a statement today at his mother’s celebration. “While we have sought together to serve and support Her Majesty and the people of our communities, my dear wife has been my own strong support throughout.”

Charles and Camilla they were longtime lovers and married in 2005, which allowed her to gradually assume a more prominent role, an achievement that took patience and work, after the sieges she lived through.

None of the British tabloids that since the early 1990s have made a killing with their stories about the Carlos-Diana-Camila love triangle groaned when the very monarchist historian Simon Heffer proclaimed months ago that the duchess has ended up becoming one of the great assets of the royal family, ”recalls the newspaper The country.

With the current title of Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla he is now a popular member of the family and appears regularly at official events, alongside Charles and the queen. Although the east does not give her any political power, the promise of becoming a “queen consort” gives her position at court complete solidity.

Lady Diana Spencer and Camilla Parker-Bowles at the Ludlow Races for Prince Charles, 1980. (Photo by Express Newspapers/Archive Photos) Lady Diana Spencer and Camilla Parker-Bowles at the Ludlow Races for Prince Charles , 1980Express Newspapers – Hulton Archive

It was not until 2005 that Camilla received the title of Duchess. Before, she had rather appeared in consistent British tabloid headlines that cataloged her as “Intruder”.

After 30 years of romance, Prince Charles managed to whitewash their relationship before his mother, the crown and public opinion. During the 1990s, this topic was controversial within the United Kingdom, especially after the death of Princess Diana, the first wife of the nobleman and a favorite among the British public.

The marriage between Carlos and Diana was arranged, and from the beginning it was notorious that the future king it was cold in front of Lady Di. For decades, this scandal fed the mouths of the “paparazzi” and defamed Camilla’s image. Today, the reality is the opposite, since the press celebrates the royal couple and the future of the crown.

Newspapers report on the Platinum Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and the announcement of Camilla Parker-Bowles as Queen Consort.
Newspapers report on the Platinum Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and the announcement of Camilla Parker-Bowles as Queen Consort.Alberto Pezzali – AP

The queen’s comments are notable because they brought back memories of one of the worst moments of her 70 years on the throne. The royal family was widely criticized for its initial silence following Diana’s death. However, after several decades, it seems that the infidelity chapter has been overcome.

Buckingham Palace posted a photo of the monarch sitting in front of her official red mailbox with government documents spread out before her.. The 95-year-old monarch is expected to spend the day at Sandringham.

The queen celebrating 70 years in the crown.  (ChrisJackson)
The queen celebrating 70 years in the crown. (ChrisJackson)Getty Images

Isabel became queen of great britain and from more than a dozen other kingdoms, including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, on the death of his father, King George VI, on February 6, 1952, while in Kenya on an international tour.

The news was communicated to her by her husband, Prince Philip, who died last year at the age of 99 after more than 70 years at her side.

Isabel said on Saturday that he wished to renew the promise he had made in 1947, when he turned 21, that his life would be one of devotion to the country.

Prime Minister Johnson said he was paying tribute to his many years of service and “looked forward to coming together as a country to celebrate his historic reign in the summer.”

AP agency and Reuters

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