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‘Cacique’ and two more bulls to enjoy




How ‘Cacique’ attacked. To get drunk from bullfighting. What class in his countless trips, because extensive was the work of Miguel Ángel Perera, numerical winner of La Candelaria. Curro Javier had been dismantled after pairing this fifth, with whom the Badajoz uncorked work beautifully with two hands. He ironed the crutch on his face and lengthened the stitched charge of the Montalvo bull with a name and the aroma of rum. He repeated ‘Cacique’ while Perera stringed together settled series. Everything correct, but without the desired passion. The angel of madness was missing. Only when he stepped on the outskirts in a display of authority did the lines creak. Overwhelming his firmness while the most noble pythons caressed the satchel. What a great specimen. in the middle of an ovation

in full dress they dragged him without the two ears that gave the matador the gate of glory.

The president had been less generous in the previous one, with which Antonio Ferrera dictated the deepest naturals. Fernando Sánchez had placed a pair in this room that shook the foundations. Nor did Chacón fail in the precise fight. As the ham draw does not fail, which goes back to the days of laptops: 5,010 was the lucky number yesterday. Speaking of ham irons, the staff was walking when the Extremaduran planted himself with the fabrics. Cruzado came to him in the first match, but then he turned out to be classy in a task with his former personal seal. Taking the rhythm to the noble ‘Majito’, some tasty left-footed shots sprouted, with batches to savor. Cristina Sánchez smiled, making her debut as representative in Spain. And Ferrera smiled, taking advantage of Montalvo’s quality and amused himself with some natural right hands, fastened with a bluff and a chest. Toreramente he squared it before grabbing a deep prick. The box did not consider the request enough and everything was in a return to the ring.

The remarkable bullfight finished off his ascending path in the sixth, a ‘Whimsy’ that he rammed at will. After a heartfelt chest pass, Alejandro Marcos conceded distances and there was the bull, in which he showed a fine concept without depth. The steel deprived him of the exit on his shoulders, since he already had an ear of the third. At that point, some spectator was like a clueless fifth: “He doesn’t look like Cayetano.” It didn’t look like it and it wasn’t. Due to his injury, the newcomer from Salamanca had entered by way of substitution, who invited them to dream in the auction of a remove by chicuelinas: cane and sugar was the Veronica average. Although the animal made signs of distress, it served and maintained interest while the bullfighter composed along the classical lines. Some naturals with their feet together and others with semi-open compass tattooed their hopeful style. Alejandro knew that the train could not escape him at the threshold of Madrid and he threw himself to kill as if tomorrow did not exist. Because there was no more time than the twenty minute of those six that marked the clock. The jamming in the chest resounded on the deck, as the applause would later do on the ring walk with the conquered trophy. Before Perera was seen with an animal that lacked heat.

The afternoon had started badly: ‘Caracol’, which was the name of the bull that premiered the arena, crashed into a burladero and broke a python. The four recently fulfilled candles blew the hat, before which there was more trade than pressure. The Montalvos dream attacks would sprout in the second part: if 5,010 was the number of the ham, the ‘Gordo’ was in 93. How was ‘Cacique’. And two more: 64 (‘Majito’) and 43 (‘Antojadizo’). To enjoy the bullfight. To enjoy life.

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