May 17, 2022 8:04 am

The radical change of look of Barbie Vélez that surprised her fans

Although he maintains a more reserved profile than his mother’s, Barbie Velez He managed to become a very loved person among network users. It is through these platforms that the actress shares information about her life and, in her most recent post, He was encouraged to show an incredible change of look that left all his followers speechless.

True to her habit of wanting to record the small details of her day-to-day life, Barbie Vélez appeared in her Instagram stories to tell her fans that she had in mind to make some changes to her hair. Her abundant brown hair that almost reached her waist was one of her characteristic features and, in the middle of the new year, the protagonist of climbers He felt it was time for a change.

After stating his wish, he reappeared in front of the camera to reveal that he had already taken the first step: he cut his ends. It often happens that when a person wears long hair for a long time, it can be difficult for them to bring themselves to face the scissors. very cleverly, Barbie felt it was best to go slow and asked a friend to act as an impromptu hairdresser.

As she showed off her new haircut, she explained: “Here is the result of my friend Pao, who I love her.” Then, she hastened to clarify that it was not the work of a professional, but of a person close to her. “She is not a hairdresser, she is a producer but she cuts all of our hair. You go to the house to have some mates and you tell him ‘hey, you cut my hair’ and he cuts it for you”, he expressed.

Barbie Vélez showed her change of look on her social networksinstagram @barbiepucheta

Although she liked the result, she realized that she was ready to go a little further and made the decision to contact her hairdresser. “The point is that, well worth it, I got addicted and not satisfied with the fact that it is already quite short, I had to go for more”, he said after explaining that he was about to leave his house to go to the living room. Without ceasing to fulfill his role as influencer, he assured his more than 3 million followers that he would show the result.

Said and done, a couple of stories later she could be seen sitting in her stylist’s chair. “So good and talented,” he wrote. Next, he showed off in detail the new cut and dye that the hairdresser did.

Under the slogan “if there is no photo, it did not happen”, Barbie made a post in which she officially showed the impeccable change of look. In the postcard, the actress wears the now shoulder-length waves that transition from light brown to a subtle ash blonde. “The change has come, what do you think? I read them”, he typed as an invitation so that both his fans and his colleagues could give their verdict.

The new look of Barbie Velez
The new look of Barbie Velezinstagram @barbiepucheta

The publication was received with a shower of likes and dozens of comments applauding his new style. Among the tender messages could not miss the Nazarena Vélez, her mother, who wrote to her: “Beautiful” along with some fun emojis.

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