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The least expected suspect: “It makes me very angry and sad that someone who called himself a friend has done this”

anger and sadness was the first thing he felt Fabián Longhi when he learned of the arrest of Pablo Javier Achard for the murder of his brother. The suspect was arrested yesterday for the murder of his friend and associate, Marcelo Longhi, president of the Municipality Club of the City of Vicente López, institution better known as VILO.

“That someone who called himself a friend, a person so close, could have done this [ser el autor del crimen] it is inconceivable to me. It gives me a lot of anger, anger and sadness”, affirmed to THE NATION the victim’s brother.

And he added: “I would love to know what led to it, so we can have a little light among so much darkness.”

Achard, 44, owner of a private security company in Vicente López, was arrested yesterday, accused of the crime of simple homicide. This morning he refused to testify before the prosecutor in charge of the investigation, Mariana Suárez.

Achard’s arrest occurred after knowing the results of the technological expertise, considered key to clarifying the crime. “After analyzing the information that could be recovered from the victim’s computer and cell phone, it was determined that at no time did he have negotiations to buy steers with breeders from the Navarro area as the suspect had declared when he testified as a witness”, he told THE NATION a source of the case.

Arrest of the partner of Marcelo Jorge Longhi

Achard’s arrest surprised the Longhi family and their lawyer, Alejandro Broitman, not only because the suspect was his friend and associate, but because at the beginning of the investigation he had been cooperative, testifying as a witness on several occasions.

“The family [de la víctima] He doesn’t get out of his astonishment. She is devastated. It is a clear betrayal of a friend. Obviously, Marcelo discovered something”, he told yesterday to THE NATION the plaintiff attorney.

suspect and victim
suspect and victim

“When I found out about the arrest [de Achard] I felt as if my brother had been killed twice.” said the victim’s brother.

Fabián Longhi added: “My brother worshiped friendship and based his life on that. He was always making friends and groups, the rugby veterans, the motorcycle group, the VILO club board of directors, the new friends, which he generated every day. He did a lot for the other.”

The van where Marcelo Longhi was found murdered.
The van where Marcelo Longhi was found murdered.

“Our family is devastated. I want and we want the guilty to pay, I think that will give us some peace, but I know that no one is going to return our brother to us.”Longhi said.

In addition to Achard, the case has a second defendant: Ramón Flores, the landlord who carried out tasks in the Los Amigos cabin, in Tomás Jofre, where victim and suspect were dedicated to raising cattle.

Longhi’s body was found on the 12th of last month on the side of Route 47, 8.5 kilometers from Luján, in the box of the 4×4 truck he used to use. From the outset, judicial and police investigators suspected that the place where the body was found was not the scene of the murder. They are now convinced that the crime occurred in the Los Amigos Cabin, in La Verde area, in the town of Tomás Jofré, in the Mercedes party.

Longhi was beaten to death. The fatal injury was a broken neck..

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