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She performed as Zendaya’s stunt double in Welcome Aboard, but was mistaken for a famous singer

Again the gate of similarities from Welcome aboard (eltrece) gave people something to talk about, but this time it was not precisely because of the similarity of a participant with a famous person, but quite the opposite. In the program A woman showed up who was expecting they will relate her to Zendaya, but on social networks they confused her with Ivonne, from Bandana.

It was the last contestant of the segment on Friday, who entered the studio after Laura Fernandez I would welcome you. “I don’t know who he is, but he has a vibe!”, expressed the driver once she saw her enter. It was a young woman whose most characteristic feature was long, dark, curly hair.

Laurita Fernández welcomed the last participant of the segment of the Door of Similars (Eltrece video capture)

The first to comment was Mario Guerci, who participated as a guest that day, and commented that Antonella, the woman, had a strong resemblance to Shakira. However, she gave a laugh and then denied the association.

He later took the floor Hernan Drago, who also related her to the music field, but went for a more local group and mentioned Ivonne, from the pop group Bandana that was born from reality television pop stars in 2001. Although the woman again rejected the resemblance, Drago insisted: “Yes, she is. He just doesn’t know yet.”, he stated with a touch of humor.

The young woman presented herself as Zendaya's double (Credit: Video capture eltrece)
The young woman presented herself as Zendaya’s double (Credit: Video capture eltrece)

On the other hand, Ailen Bechara he opted for another field and went for acting. “Are you an actress? the queen of flow?”, and almost in unison, Guerci persisted with the idea that it was an actress, although both were wrong.

Likewise, one of Laurita’s secretaries, Francesca, took the floor to comment that it could be Wendy Sulca, and the young woman shook her head; while Valentina expressed: “Could it be that she is an actress? Victorious?”, and that was the first time that Antonela doubted instead of responding negatively, since she explained that she did not know if the famous person she resembled worked in that youth series.

He participated in Welcome aboard for his resemblance to Zendaya

“Ah, at least we already know the business!”, said the presenter with emotion after several minutes of uncertainty and without anyone guessing the identity. In that sense, Laurita herself tried to press for more clues and wanted to know if in real life, the participant was related to the famous one who still remained unknown.

The comparative image of the participant and Zendaya (Credit: Screenshot eltrece)
The comparative image of the participant and Zendaya (Credit: Screenshot eltrece)

Finally, everyone gave up and the driver asked the participant to reveal her identity. “I’m Zendaya”, he expressed and almost immediately Laurita exploded with emotion. “Of course yes! If she is the darling of Hollywood”Fernandez said.

Finally, those who could not easily identify the character were the followers of the program on social networks, and who, after Antonella discovered the celebrity, had all kinds of reactions with memes. “I thought he was going to say he looked like Ivon from Bandana”commented one user, while another replied: “He won as a lookalike of Ivonne”, were some of the comments that were read on Twitter.

“I thought he was going to say that he looked like Ivon de Bandana”, was one of the comments on social networks (Credit: Twitter)
Another person expressed on Twitter:
Another person expressed on Twitter: “I won as a lookalike of Ivonne” (Credit: Twitter)

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