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Mazón proposes a zero quota for freelancers under 35 to boost youth employment




The president of the Valencian Popular Party, Carlos Mazon, presented this Saturday new proposals to promote employment and access to housing, among which the creation of a zero fee for self-employed under 35 years during the first three years of their activity.

Mazón has exposed the main lines of the Comprehensive Youth Plan during the closing ceremony of the Interparliamentary that has celebrated the PPCV in Valencia, in which the popular general secretary also participated Teodoro Garcia Egea, along with other provincial, regional, national and European deputies.

The leader of Valencian PP has indicated youth employment as one of its main priorities and has regretted that the “nationalist tripartite” headed by the president Ximo Puig “has clipped the wings of the young.”

In this regard, he explained that eleven years ago the Community was the leader in young people becoming independent in Spain, while in 2021 “it is in the queue” compared to the rest of the autonomies.

«Today nine out of ten young people in the Valencian Community cannot be emancipated and it must be solved as soon as possible. 600,000 young Valencians They do not have the option of living alone and the few who can access a home spend 72% of their salary to pay the rent, “he added.

Mazón has described the payment of ten percent of its value as one “more obstacle” for access to housing by young people in the region, due to the property transfer tax. He has also indicated that the PPCV intends to reduce it to three percent “so that they can access their first home.”

“It is a necessity, but not only in this tax. Must lower all taxes in the Community, as we propose in our tax reform proposal”, he underlined. Along these lines, he criticized that the regional government “has not built a single home for young people in six years.”

Thus, the popular president proposes linking 40% of European funds to the employment creation and approve lines of guarantees so that young people under 35 years of age can finance the entire purchase of their first home in the Valencian Community.

Image of Carlos Mazón and Teodoro García Egea – ABC

During the Interparliamentary, several panels have taken place in which the importance of social networks in political communication, the priorities of the Valencian Community and the next challenges have been analyzed, as reported by the party in a statement. In addition, the Valencian MEPs Esteban Gonzalez Pons and Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo have raised the need to gain more weight in policies such as agriculture, fishing, water or infrastructure such as the Mediterranean Corridor.

“Change is irreversible”

On the other hand, Mazón has placed special emphasis on “continuing to promote irreversible change” so that the Valencian Community ceases to be “the red lantern with a model made by Zapatero’s socialist government». “There is not a single strategic sector in the region that is not suffering or trembling in the face of the immediate future,” he commented.

«It is enough to be the last in practically everything. The farce has been that, after seven years, a skeleton finally arrived, but a skeleton that left us bare and was counterproductive. It left us even worse and destroyed any aspiration of equality of the citizens”, he indicated regarding the debate of the regional financing.

Mazón has defended “that a government is needed that is coordinated, that they do not fight among themselves and that lowers the fiscal hell that we are all suffering.” He has also listed several examples of “involution” such as the tourist tax, the “dramatic” situation of nursing homes, the investment in Cercanías or the three court rulings against Puig for failing to protect toilets in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic coronavirus, among others.

All this, has accused the PSPV-PSOE to change his discourse on the issue of water and has questioned “where is the social gap, the Valencian inclusion income, the minimum vital income or the right to dependency of 4,111 citizens who have died without receiving it”.

Mazón ended by recalling that the PPCV believes in the Valencian Community «as a territory with identity own” and has criticized that “the same ones who ask for self-government now ask that it limit the fiscal capacity of the autonomies”. “Since they don’t like to lower taxes, they have gone from being federalists to the most centralists in the world. Puig’s new fiscal centralism,” he added.

“Mazón’s moment will come soon”

For his part, the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, has defended that the “change” that the Valencian Community needs will come “very soon” with Carlos Mazón and his “living” project of a political formation that is “irreplaceable».

He has also claimed that the “only possibility of bringing order is for the PP to govern”, so that the Community, in addition to “having a voice”, ceases to be “the caboose to which the socialism».

The general secretary of the PP has highlighted that his party “today leads all the polls” and has warned of the “sondeos ‘fake’ viralized that we are going to see”, which “will disguise the reality of Spain and Valencian autonomy, which are crying out for change”.

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