May 24, 2022 12:26 am

He went fishing with his grandson and found something disturbing in the water

Duane Smith and his grandson Allen Cadwalader they found an activity that brought them together. The 11-year-old boy and his grandfather became magnet fishing fans after having seen several videos on YouTube that convinced them of this practice. Originally from a small suburb in Florida, United States; The man convinced the little boy to join in this new hobby. However, on one of his walks, they ran into a find they would never have imagined and that led to a police investigation.

Allen is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Syndrome, so his grandfather tried to find something that would make them enjoy time together and it occurred to him to go fishing but not in the traditional way, but with magnets. In this way they could find in the water from a bottle cap to a piece of a ship. However, on one of their walks they found something that left them stunned: a sniper rifle.

“It’s a kind of gambling addiction where you don’t know what’s going to come up on the next spin. Every time you throw the rope you find something: a bottle cap or well, you know, a $7,000 sniper rifle″, joked Smith in relation to the activity in dialogue with CNN.

Allen Cadwalader and his grandfather found two .50-caliber Barrett M82A1 sniper rifles at the bottom of a canal (Photo: CNN)

According to what said media reported, grandson and grandfather They arrived in the city of Homestead with their red string and a magnet. They needed just a few minutes to feel that the winger had found something important. Excited, they began to pull the rope and when they pulled their precious treasure from the bottom of the water they ran into two rifles and clips wrapped in cellophane. The location was a small canal where several people often hike from the top of a bridge.

For Smith, a retired infantryman trained in the deployment of weapons of this caliber, the find did not go unnoticed. He knew that the weapons found were two .50-caliber Barrett M82A1 rifles, and after some investigation, he discovered that the complete package with the two magazines They are valued at around $20,000.

But, having them in his possession could mean a serious legal problem, so the man decided deliver them to the Miami-Dade Police Department. There it was discovered that serial numbers were removed.

Rifle Barrett M82A1 calibre .50
Rifle Barrett M82A1 calibre .50 Illustrative image

Now a long investigation lies ahead. Detective Álvaro Zabaleta, belonging to the Miami-Dade Police Corps, told police CNN that the weapons will be sent to a forensic laboratory to try to determine their origin and if they were used in a crime. Until now, there is no official report on the state of the rifles since the preliminary report of the coroner is not yet available.

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