May 15, 2022 10:36 am

Amid rumors about his health, Esteban Bullrich posted a message on his social networks

After several days of rumors about his state of health and prayer chains were launched to ask for improvement, former senator Esteban Bullrich shared a message with a photo in which he is seen smiling and left a message.

“Despite the rumors, God has not finished his work with me #lavidaeshoy”, the leader of Together for Change published on his Instagram account this afternoon. The phrase was accompanied by a photo of him with his wife, María Eugenia Sequeiros.

In the photo, Bullrich is wearing a white T-shirt with green letters that read: “My attitude defines me, not ALS.”

the former senator was diagnosed with ALS in April last year, it’s about a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects the muscles and, as it progresses, patients lose independence in their mobility and even to speak, breathe and eat. At the moment, there is no medical treatment capable of reversing the damage caused by the disease.

In December of last year, a video of Bullrich went viral during a virtual session of the Senate in which it was evident that he had difficulty articulating words. At that time, after conducting some studies, said he had “dysarthria” product of stress.

But four months later, a new diagnosis arrived. “It is difficult to transmit painful news, but sharing it is soothing. After several months consulting doctors and doing all the necessary studies, we came up with a definitive diagnosis of my condition. I have Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a disease that causes muscular paralysis and that is what affects my speech”, revealed in a statement.

Last November, Bullrich launched a foundation to help people with ALS. Regarding this project, he reported that from there will fund research and innovation for treatment and cure of the disease and will provide support to patients and families so they can access medical care and diagnostic tools.

Through his Twitter account, the member of Together for Change had said: “I want to share with all of you news that fills me with joy and enthusiasm. After a lot of work and with the help of many friends and the support of my family, today we are launching the Esteban Bullrich Foundation, with the aim of helping all ALS patients to go through the disease more easily”.

In this sense, he expressed his desire to “be a vehicle that connects all the people who want to make a contribution to finance research of experimental treatments, as scarce as necessary in diseases like this”.

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