May 17, 2022 7:13 am

The PP comes out in a storm against Batet: “The result of the vote is a democratic fraud”




The People’s Party has come out in a storm this Friday to denounce the “democratic fraud” that occurred yesterday, in his opinion, in the Plenary of Congress in the vote on the decree-law of the labor reform, in which the president of the Chamber, Meritxell Batet, did not allow the deputy Alberto Casero cancel their telematic vote and do it in person, which would have meant the rejection of the Government’s plan.

The spokesperson for the Popular Group, Cuca Gamara, in statements to Antena 3, has underlined that “the will” of the deputy Casero was not the one that was computed electronically, which registered a ‘yes’ to the labor reform. Realizing this ‘error’, Casero, who voted electronically due to an illness, went to Congress and asked to cancel his electronic vote and do it in person, something that is provided for in the Regulations, as Gamarra and the second vice president have underlined congressional, Ana Pastor.

Pastor, in statements to ‘Herrera en Cope’, has denounced that Batet did not heed the PP’s request, despite it being legal, and did not tell the truth when he announced that the Board had decided not to heed Casero’s request, when in fact This body of Congress was not convened or deliberated at any time.

“This is regulated in the Regulations and in a subsequent resolution of May 2012, which all the members of the Table are aware of,” warned Pastor, who explained what happened in a vote, which the Government won by 175 votes in favor and 174 against: «We told the president of the Table that a deputy was addressing the Chamber services and was saying that he wanted to annul his telematic vote, because he understood that what he had voted did not reflect on the certificate. He has every right and he should have called the Bureau together and he didn’t. Now we have requested the urgent convocation of the Table because the exercise of the right to vote is being broken.

The spokeswoman for the Popular Group, Cuca Gamarra, has also stressed that the will of the deputy Casero “was not the vote that was counted.” «The telematic vote must be confirmed, he has underlined, and it is something, as he has pointed out, that was not done.

In his opinion, there has been a “democratic fraud with the result, because it does not respond to the majority sentiment of the Chamber, because one of the telematic votes did not correspond to the will of the deputy.”

For his part, the national spokesman for the PP, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida, has remarked that yesterday there was “a democratic and legal fraud in the Congress of Deputies.” As he has assured, the deputy “moved from Cáceres to Madrid because a mistake had been made, and Batet is lying because the Table did not meet to deliberate on it.”

“The president of the Congress of Deputies prevailed over the will of the Spaniards, Sánchez’s will to carry out the labor reform at any price,” he denounced. Almeida has criticized Batet for being “at the service of Sánchez.”

“What seems indisputable in mere democratic logic is that inquiries should have been made and a verification that the direction of the vote corresponded to what the deputy wanted to vote for. But there was a will from Batet, an extension of Sánchez, so that this vote would take place at all costs as it did to carry out the labor reform, ”said the national spokesman for the PP and mayor of Madrid.

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