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The new Game of Thrones park and other reasons to go to Ireland



Ireland offers a multitude of options for the perfect getaway. From thematic routes, going through excursions to different natural wonders and magical castles, to corners with a lot of history and charming towns in which to taste a pint. It is always a good idea to visit the Emerald Isle, but this 2022, in addition, offers a series of essential events that will fill the main points of the country with activities, festivals and events that are worth experiencing. It’s time to celebrate and, above all, to do it in a big way, as long as the health situation allows it.

The 110th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic

Considered the Gateway to the Causeway Coastal Route, Belfast is a city that breathes joy and conviviality and has a wide range of leisure and culture.

It is in this corner of Northern Ireland, framed by the imposing Cave Hill, that the Titanic was built and designed, something unknown to many. That is why this enclave has what is the largest museum dedicated to this famous ocean liner.

El Titanic Belfast It has nine galleries that review the history of the ship from its creation to its tragic outcome. In addition, you can see an exhibition about the shipyards, an underwater cinema and an incredible recreation of the cabins. Those who come on Sunday can finish the visit sipping tea next to a replica of the famous staircase in an experience in which no detail is lacking and in which its staff, dressed in the uniform of the time, offers a menu inspired by the original trip with jazz music in the background performed by a live band.

Titanic Belfast
Titanic Belfast – © Tourism Northern Ireland – Chris Hill

You can also take different tours of the area to learn more about its history, such as the circuit established in this area where you can visit the old design offices or go up, in Hamilton Dock, in the only remaining ship of the White Star Line, the SS Nomadic, built as a dinghy for the so-called ‘Ship of Dreams’. Visitors can also get closer to this mega-construction together with the inhabitants of the city with one of the tours they offer, such as Titanic Walking Tours y Titanic Tours Belfast, both run by Susie Millar, great-granddaughter of an engineer on this vessel.

On March 31, this immersive experience celebrates a decade open to the public, coinciding with the 110th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, so surprises are guaranteed.

Ulysses Centennial by James Joyce

You have to go to the capital of Ireland to join the celebrations of the centenary of Ulises, the local writer’s masterpiece James Joyce, a publication considered by many to be the most important work in the English language of the 20th century. The different activities will begin on February 2, coinciding with the original date of Ulysses -which was also Joyce’s 40th birthday-, and will continue until June 16, the day on which Dublin celebrates bloomsday festival eventin which its inhabitants give life to the characters of the play through the streets of the city.

During this time you can enjoy the exhibition ‘Love, says Bloom’ from the Museum of Irish Literature (MoLI), which focuses on the writer and his family, especially his relationship with his wife Nora Barnacle, who was also his muse and model for the character of Molly Bloom. Likewise, this space will organize different talks in which writers, artists, academics and performers will participate who will explore key themes of the novel, 19 artistic projects, In collaboration with the ANU theater company, which will be performed throughout the city for 6 months, and create a digital platform who will collect research material on the book.

Museum of Irish Literature (MoLI)
Museum of Irish Literature (MoLI) – © Ireland Tourism

The 125th Anniversary of Dracula by Bram Stoker

Although many might think that this novel focuses its imagination on Transylvania, the truth is that the writer took much of the inspiration from his hometown, Dublin. This 2022 is celebrated the 125th anniversary of the work and despite the fact that in this destination you can follow in the footsteps of this horror classic for 365 days, this year the celebration will be even greater in the bram stoker festival, an event that will take place in the month of October and that will include different literary, musical and artistic activities, as well as numerous surprises.

Those who wish to visit the Irish capital before this date can choose to follow the established route that has some stops such as 15 Marino Crescent Street, where the author spent much of his childhood bedridden due to illness, the cemetery of San Juan Bautista and the ruins of its churchwhere he was baptized el Trinity Collegewhere you graduated, or el Dublin Castle, a government complex that housed the seat of the British government before independence and where Stoker worked for a few years as a civil servant. To complete the route you can go to Castle Dracula Experience, an interactive activity in which visitors are immersed in a journey through the castle’s tunnels, Dracula’s lair and the swing bridges that lead to the Vampire Museum.

Bram Stoker Festival Animation
Bram Stoker Festival Animation – © Ireland Tourism

St. Patrick’s Festival

The feast of Saint Patrick, which is celebrated in the month of March, is one of the best times to travel to this destination that is dyed green to celebrate the life of its patron saint. Armagh It is the center par excellence of this event, since it is the place where he founded his first great stone church. Here it is celebrated el Home of St Patrick Festival de Armagh, a week-long festival that puts on a lively and varied show featuring the best of culture, music, and dance at a place Saint Patrick called his “lovely little hill.” This festival is also celebrated in Dublin, from March 16 to 20, with one of the largest street shows in the world. Those who want to live a unique experience can choose to take a pack proposed by the organization that includes a seat in the Westmoreland Grandstand and lunch in the Westin Hotel with the best local products and live music. The price is 180 euros per person.

In addition, this year the cities of Cork, Limerick, Killarney, Waterford, Sligo y Kilkenny Not only will they celebrate the typical parade, but they will carry out a series of events to celebrate this party in style after two years of the pandemic.

St Patrick's Parade Dublin
St. Patrick’s Parade Dublin – ©

New Game of Thrones theme park

Starting in February, Game of Thrones fans will have one more mandatory stop in Ireland: the first theme park of the hit HBO series. Located on the original filming location, in the Linen Mill Studios, in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, this 33,000 square meter space offers fans an interactive experience through stunning images, captivating sets and original elements of fiction. Fans will be able to enter the iconic Great Hall of Winterfell, see Daenerys Targaryen’s throne at Dragonstone, and delve into the wonderful world of GOT visual effects, among many other things.

One of the rooms of the Game of Thrones theme park
One of the rooms of the Game of Thrones theme park – © Ireland Tourism

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