May 15, 2022 9:15 pm

Susan Sarandon’s message about the police that sparked a strong controversy in the networks

Throughout his long career, Susan Sarandon She proved to be one of the most talented actresses of her generation, but also a woman of firm convictions who is not afraid of what they will say. As an example, two recent events suffice: at the end of June 2018, she was arrested for demonstrating against the then US president, Donald Trump; a month later, she would get into the debate for the law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy in these lands, asking the senators for the sanction.

This week, the actress was back in the news after sharing a controversial message about the police on her social networks. It all started on Tuesday, when the protagonist of Thelma y Louise uploaded to his Twitter account the image of the long procession of agents who mobilized in New York to attend the funeral of an officer killed in the middle of an operation. That image included a tweet published by journalist Danny Haiphong with that image and the caption: “I am going to tell my children that this is fascism.”

In his tweet, Sarandon added a thought that sparked controversy: “So if all these cops weren’t needed to fight CRIME that day, doesn’t that mean they aren’t needed on ANY day?” The entire image included some background flames.

On January 21, Jason Rivera, 22, and his partner, Wilbert Mora, 27, were fatally shot after responding to a domestic violence incident in Harlem. The images, in fact, corresponded to Rivera’s funeral, last Friday. Sarandon’s post went viral on Twitter and both officials and organizations close to the police forces came out to respond to him.

This is what privilege looks like: a rich actress, safe in her bubble, poking fun at heroes and downplaying the crisis cops are fighting alongside our communities.”, the New York Police Benevolent Association posted on its Twitter account. He added: “New York is coming together to stop the violence. Susan Sarandon lives on a different planet.”

The Fraternal National Order of Police, meanwhile, tweeted: “Of all the days Sarandon could have shared his true feelings toward the police, he chose the day we buried our fallen brother to make such incendiary and pointless comments. When you spend more time hating the police than pursuing your own career, it’s no wonder why you’re a D-list actor.”.

Other users supported the reflection of the actress. One of them wondered: “One of the most horrible images I’ve seen lately. A self-styled ‘brotherhood’ that inspires/requires such massive public display is incompatible with public service. Why is New York allowed to pay them to attend this rally? What happened to less police = more crime?

Another of Sarandon’s followers shared a clip from that funeral in which dozens of officers are seen without masks. “Dozens of New York police officers commit fair evasion without a mask. Exploit this post. Hold the super-spreaders of the pandemic accountable. The police don’t protect anyone”, he wrote next to the images.

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