May 16, 2022 5:10 pm

San Isidro: ARBA and AFIP detected 37 undeclared luxury vessels

Inspection teams of the Collection Agency of the province of Buenos Aires (ARBA) and the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) they summoned the owners of 37 yachts and sailboats that were not registered with the treasury and notified debts of the Tax on Sports Vessels for a total amount of $25 million, during an operation carried out in a nautical nursery in San Isidro.

It’s a statement, ARBA specified that the inspection was coordinated by Gaspar Spiritoso, deputy director of Territorial Actions and Services of that body., who stressed that “the controls were developed in conjunction with the AFIP”, and explained that “this coordinated work aims to reduce evasion and non-compliance in sectors with greater taxpaying capacity”.

In this sense, he highlighted: “Within the framework of the summer operation, we deepened the inspection of undeclared luxury constructions, high-end cars with patent debts and, as in this case, unregistered sports boats or with various unpaid fees”.

The $25 million debt notified in the San Isidro nursery corresponded to 203 owners of yachts, sailboats, boats and jet skis that they had unpaid installments of the Tax on Sports Vessels.

In addition to filing notices for the irregularities found, the agents carried out a physical survey of the moored boats and verified the tax situation of those responsible for the nautical nursery.

This type of establishment has the obligation to inform the treasury of the license plates of all the vessels that moor in the place. Subsequently, this information is crossed with the database of the Collection Agency to detect those not registered.

With this crossing of data and face-to-face inspections, Throughout 2021, ARBA managed to detect 3,000 vessels that were undeclared and intimidated more than 37,000 taxpayers who owed $2.79 billion in tax on those goods.

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