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Latest international news today Friday, February 4



If you want to be up to date with all the latest news hours today, ABC makes available to readers a summary with the essential headlines of the Friday, February 4 that you cannot miss, like these:

Four prominent Johnson advisers resign after Downing Street party scandal

The newspaper ‘The Independent’ reported in an exclusive a few weeks ago that Boris Johnson he had already prepared a list of high-ranking officials ready to resign due to the ‘partygate’ scandal, the parties in Downing Street during the lockdown, in an attempt to save himself. Among the scapegoats of this plan, baptized by the ‘premier’ as operation ‘Save Big Dog‘ (save the big dog), I was Martin Reynolds, his private secretary and sender of the email inviting more than a hundred people to bring their own drink to a party on May 20, 2020 in Downing Street Gardens.

The US accuses Putin of creating a video that would be the excuse to invade Ukraine

The Pentagon accused the Kremlin on Thursday of having a plot underway to invent and fabricate an alleged attack by Ukrainian forces on Russia, which it later intends to use as a pretext for an invasion. Apparently, according to the US government, Russia is even preparing a video that it intends to use as evidence of a previous aggression by Ukraine.

The Russian ambassador to Spain: “We have no troops deployed on the border with Ukraine”

“Russia has no intention of attacking Ukraine.” This is how forceful the ambassador of the Russian Federation in Spain was shown this Thursday, Yuri Korchagin, who denied also that his country has troops deployed for a possible attack on Ukraine.

Northern Ireland Chief Minister resigns in protest over Brexit protocol

“Today marks the end of what has been the privilege of my life: serve as Chief Minister of Northern Ireland». With these words, Paul Givan, resigned this Thursday from the position he has held since just June of last year in a significant act of protest against trade rules after the consummation of Brexit. In a press conference, Givan, from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), assured that “when I entered the Assembly for the first time 12 years ago, I never expected to have the opportunity to lead the Government and serving the people of Northern Ireland as Chief Minister’, adding that ‘holding this role carries a great responsibility and I have often felt the weight of this burden’ in trying to ‘do what is right for all people’.

Putin closes the Moscow newsroom of German television Deutsche Welle

Although Vladimir Putin has progressively taken control of the media in Russia, never until now had any Western media dared to intervene. This Thursday, however, and in retaliation for the decision of a German regulatory body against the Russian network RT, Moscow has ordered the closure of the local newsroom of the German television station Deutsche Welle, an outside television service broadcast in Russian, English, Chinese and Spanish. The Russian Foreign Ministry has announced the decision as “the withdrawal of accreditation from all its employees and the interruption of broadcasts on Russian territory”, in addition to a process to recognize Deutsche Welle as a “foreign agent”, a qualification that already applies to various other media. Sources from the Moscow Foreign Ministry have also anticipated that there will be more sanctions against “representatives of German state and public structures involved in the restriction of RT broadcasts.” A few hours earlier, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov had declared that the German regulatory body’s ban on RT was a “deliberate attack.”

Biden hardens in New York, shaken by violence, his message against crime

Joe Biden traveled to New York this Thursday with the aim of resetting the counter to zero in its message and in its policies on fighting violent crime. The US president has not been able to project a forceful image in this regard so far, after two years of social upheaval and demands for radical police reforms after the death of George Floyd and amid fierce clashes within his party over it. Today he sought to pivot hand in hand with a rising star of the Democratic Party: Eric Adams, the new mayor of New York.

Posters, tanks and kalashnikov, the landscape of war

The tense calm that is breathed in the city of Kramatorsk, capital of the ‘oblast’ since the Russian occupation of Donetsk, can break at any moment. Is a warlike hornet’s nest concealed under the normalized daily routine of the almost 157,000 inhabitants who live in this place, very close to the battlefront where a ceasefire negotiated by the Kiev authorities and pro-Russian separatists has prevailed since 2015.

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