May 16, 2022 1:30 pm

He did not feel “contained”: Cecilia Moreau explained the reasons why Máximo Kirchner resigned from the leadership of the bloc

Cecilia Moreau, vice president of the bloc of Deputies in the Lower House, spoke this morning about the resignation of Máximo Kirchner to the head of front of all (FdT) on the premises and assured that the vice president’s son made this decision because “he did not feel contained.” He also criticized Martín Guzmán, Minister of Economy, and said that “I should have come to the block to give explanations” on the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

I understand Máximo because nobody can be surprised by what he raised, because he did not raise it on Friday. In the internal debate he had been raising it for a long time, it is not that one day he got up and wrote that letter,” Moreau said on the radio. Futurock this morning about his peer’s decision to resign from office for being in disagreement with the understanding reached by the government of Alberto Fernández to pay the debt to the IMF.

If you make a statement and you do not feel contained, when you are a central part of the political space, the truth is that I understand it”, added the legislator, who after the departure of Máximo made her resignation available. He also defended the work carried out by the former president of the block and by Sergio Massa, president of the Chamber of Deputies: “The two of them were there, trying to accompany, to help the President in what he needed, in what Argentina needed, to the different governors.

Moreau in turn criticized the way in which the agreement with the IMF was carried out: “Minister Guzmán should have come to the bloc to give explanations, because I feel that the FdT works best in the bloc and in Congress”. And I add: “I think that Martín Guzmán did not have the time or the dedication that he should have had to converse with the block; I would have liked that to happen so that we can all clear up the doubts we have as militants, as Argentines and as deputies”.

The deputy also gave her opinion on the possibility of a vote against the agreement in Congress by La Cámpora: “I believe that each one will do what they think in the block. So far it has not happened and it will not happen because we are political leaders, in the debate we find a lot of differences and also coincidences”. And he added: “I don’t know what La Cámpora is going to do As an organization, I do know that we have colleagues within the diversity of the FdT who are in favor of the agreement as it is, without conditions, and there are others who have differences, concerns and situations. We are a heterogeneous political space with a profound debate”.

In turn, Moreau spoke about the appointment of the new block president, Germán Martínez, and said that “He is a very hard-working deputy, who knows parliamentary technique”. He also expressed that he seems like a new figure: “As they get to know him, they will realize that he is a person who permanently seeks consensus; at this stage within our bloc and in Argentina we need that”.

After that, the legislator attacked the opposition: “They are an interbloc that has about 10 blocks inside and in short they do not have political leadership, they do not have a president, they are an interbloc and worry about the resignation of the president of another bloc”. Then he affirmed about the statements of Patricia Bullrich, president of the Pro; Alfredo Cornejo, leader of the Radical Civic Union (UCR); and Elisa Carrió, from the Civic Coalition (CC) of the importance of the FdT agreeing together: “You don’t have to waste time and get distracted by those things, because the one who makes the decisions is Macri, who is there, in Cumelén”.

Moreau’s resignation

The legislator for the FdT made available her resignation as vice president of the ruling bloc within Congress on February 1, after the resignation of Máximo Kirchner. At the time, he maintained: “I reaffirm my militant commitment to continue working for the unity of the popular field.”

That day he also expressed his closeness to Sergio Massa: “My thanks to each and every one of my colleagues in the block, to Máximo and Sergio Massa always, for the trust placed in them”.

today on radio Futurock, responded about the possibility of staying in office: “If they want me to stay, I’ll stay; and if not, it won’t happen, but it seems to me that it is a gesture that must be given to the new president of the bloc so that he has the freedom to arm the leadership of the bloc as he sees fit”.

Finally, the deputy said: “In 2023, when we are a government or we are not, I am going to continue militating as I always did in the place that touches me. The important thing is that, falling in love with the militancy, the project and Argentina, the rest always comes and goes”.

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