May 27, 2022 11:47 am

Crime in Luján: this is how they arrested the partner of the president of Vicente López’s VILO

Pablo Achard was asleep when the Buenos Aires police entourage arrived at his home in Florida, in Vicente López. He didn’t even have time to change when he was handcuffed. The man, 44 years old, He is charged with simple murder. They accuse him of murdering his partner and friend, Marcelo Longhi, president of the Municipality Club of the City of Vicente López, institution better known as VILO.

Unexpected turn: they arrested the member of the president of the VILO club

Achard, owner of a security company, went from witness to defendant. The crime occurred on the 12th of last month. The victim was beaten to death The fatal injury was a broken neck..

The homicide, as suspected by the Prosecutor of Luján Mariana Suárez, in charge of the investigation, it would have occurred in a field in the town of Tomás Jofré, in Mercedes, where the victim and suspect were dedicated to raising cattle.

Longhi’s body was found on the 12th of last month on the side of Route 47, 8.5 kilometers from Luján, in the box of the 4×4 truck he used to use. From the outset, judicial and police investigators suspected that the place where the body was found was not the scene of the murder.

Tomorrow, prosecutor Suárez will take an investigative statement from the suspect. While the Buenos Aires police continue the search for the landlord of the field, Ramón Flores, who has an arrest warrant.

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