May 18, 2022 8:12 pm

The Valencians, the last

It must be that it is part of our DNA, but almost always when we depend on higher political instances, we Valencians have to play with a two of clubs. The week leaves examples, the present, the past, those that are yet to come. We start in Brussels, where the health requirement is finally equal to those citrus fruits that arrive in the European Union from outside that to those produced in member countries. On Tuesday, a few hours before, Cristobal Aguado, president of the Valencian Association of Farmers, a noble guy who dresses by the feet, burst into tears before the journalists remembering the situation in the Valencian countryside. If citrus fruits were produced in another autonomous community, perhaps the interest of the Government would have been different. What happened on Tuesday is a victory, but a very bitter one, because of the time it has taken and what has fallen by the wayside. We continue through the port of Valencia. Now it turns out that in the middle of the battle over whether or not to extend it, an important issue for -among other important things- the continuity of Ford in the Valencian Community, the Ministry of Public Works reports how the Port of Barcelona is closing distances more and more with that of Valencia. With the separatists and Compromís criticizing the expansion of the port of Valencia and without publicly demonstrating for the port of Barcelona, ​​I remember Prince Hamlet saying “something smells rotten in Denmark”, only that it smells much worse here. If the locals do not defend their own, bad prospects lie ahead. Port of Valencia container terminal – MIKEL PONCE And this week, like last week, like the one to come, I remember the financing. The more the experts dive, the worse it looks for the Valencians. But what there is no doubt about is that they have fooled us again. Yes again. Only ex-president Zapatero was missing, remembering that for the new model, dispersion and depopulation must prevail, just the opposite of Valencian interests. Toni Nadal, former coach of the 21-time “Grandes” winner Rafa Nadal, likes to say that “an excuse never won a match.” Surely it is so, and perhaps everything written above sounds like kicking, but there are things that there is nowhere to catch them, and we have been collecting balls in the net for decades from the same goal….

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