May 15, 2022 3:49 am

The Prosecutor’s Office denounces the Tremp nursing home for reckless homicide where 64 elderly people died




After a year of investigation, this Thursday the Lleida Prosecutor’s Office has denounced for reckless homicide, degrading treatment and crime against safety at work to the Fiella de Tremp residence where 64 of its 142 residents died between November and December 2020.

According to the Public Ministry, the actions carried out reveal indications that the director of the nursing home, as well as her hygienic-sanitary manager, would have incurred “very serious dysfunctions and organizational deficits” which led to the contagion by Covid of almost 80% of the center’s workers and the death of the elderly from this disease.

According to the complaint, that the Prosecutor’s Office that filed before the Court of Tremp, both responsible for the Fiella residence they would have failed to comply with the contingency plan and the recommendations of the Department of Health to stop the expansion of the coronavirus.

Among others for lack of “foresight, control and supervision of management.”

Thus, the investigation opened after the deaths has found serious defects in the sectorization of the positives, in the use of protective equipment by workers, in the treatment of food, clothing and waste and, “very especially”, in health care. to those infected.

Now it will be the judicial instruction that will allow to advance in the determination of all the possible responsibilities of the center in the death of the elderly.

It was in January 2021 when the Public Ministry ordered the Catalan police to investigate whether the management of the nursing home could be responsible for reckless homicide. During this time, the Mossos have taken statements from residents, relatives of inmates who died and also from workers.

Geriatric intervened

It was in December 2020 when the Prosecutor’s Office opened proceedings to investigate whether the management of the center had committed crimes of reckless homicide for the death of 64 residents and also a crime against workplace safety. It did so after receiving the Health reports that showed that almost 40% of users had died from the virus, a figure that could be an indication of «serious malfunctions».

Just a few days later, the Generalitat took control of the nursing home to “stabilize” the Covid outbreak that was detected in the center, after carrying out a massive screening. Shortly after, he transferred the functions of Health Services Management (GSS) to San Joan de Déu in Terres de l’Ebre.

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