May 27, 2022 11:49 am

The PNV will vote against the labor reform after shipwrecking its negotiation with the Government




What seemed obvious is confirmed: the incompatibility of the PNV with citizens (Cs) in the labour reform. Like water and oil, nationalists and liberals have been unable to mingle on this issue despite the strenuous efforts of the government of coalition. The Basque Group, first thing in the morning and before the debate began in the Congress of Deputies, has confirmed that he will vote against the Royal decree law of the Executive.

His position, ‘a priori’, did not affect the absolute majority that was secured last night PSOE Y United We Can with the yes announced by PDECat and by Union of the Navarrese People (UPN). After the affirmative vote of the Catalan nationalists, the abstention of the Navarrese was only opportune, but its president, Javier Esparza, announced yesterday that they will position themselves in favor.

However, this position has been called into question by the arrival of one of its deputies to the chamber, Sergio Sayas, who has criticized the decision of his leader and has said that he does not share it.

In any case, if the UPN deputies respect the voting discipline, the labor reform will be approved despite the PNV’s no. The Government has especially pampered the Basque nationalists, preferred partners, in the negotiation of this decree, but understanding has been impossible. The talks have continued until this morning, as confirmed by the Basque Parliamentary Group in Congress on its Twitter account, but “unsuccessfully”.

The only requirement of the PNV was to incorporate into the labor reform the prevalence of regional agreements about the state ones; a vindication, the nationalists have remarked, who knew “months ago” both the Government and the patronal and the unions. However, Cs vehemently opposed that possibility and his spokesman, Edmund Ball, came to brand it as “legal heresy”. Also the CEOE, publicly, had shown his rejection of that measure and demanded that “not a comma” of the decree be touched.

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