May 18, 2022 8:51 pm

The cool turns it around

As the days went by, the temperature slowly increased until it reached a very hot Wednesday. When everything seemed to go haywire a turn of the weather vane announced the comeback of the fresco promising a tremendous thermal backlash for the weekend. Many were worried about yesterday’s thermal climb but the cold will turn it around and even win it over the weekend. it’s coming a Saturday and Sunday with a significant drop in temperature where summer will go whistled by his followers.

Begins an unstable day that could open with intermittent downpours, until noon we will be exposed to rainfall of different intensity so any morning rain would not be out of the script. Slowly, we will regain stability as the hours go by, but all the time slots this Thursday will be exposed to isolated rains, although the probability of afternoon and night rainfall will be lower. The morning opens with 24 ° C, south wind and no sun to discourage the thermometer from early that will not have much room to grow achieving 29°C as maximum effort. Thursday cuts the streak of days with rising temperatures and saves us from a scenario of intense heat like yesterday. 25 ° C is expected at night, keeping the sky mostly cloudy and with the weather vane announcing east wind. Towards midnight the probability of precipitation is renewed.

The clouds continue in another cloudy and unstable day. The sunrise projects 25°C, the low cloudiness and the wind from the river will put a floor to the minimum, but also a ceiling to the maximum on another day that will distance itself from any attempt at strong heat. It will be another day with the threat of rain, there is even room for some isolated thunderstorms, especially in the second half of the day. The mercury will not be able to do much without the descent of hot air and without the sun to prop it up, so it will drop again by 29°C on another day of limited thermal amplitude. Towards night, a cold front will arrive in the city, which could renew a new round of rainfall that will last throughout the early morning. Some models are not so pessimistic for the end of the day, so those who want to go out will have to wait until the last minute, do not cancel any plans yet.

Cold and dry wind will blow, even with some gusts to signal the thermal fate of the weekend. Saturday morning will retain the probability of isolated precipitation with a minimum of 20 ° C. The southwest wind and the clouds will stay all day so that the mercury gives up and does not reach more than 26 ° C in the evening, canceling all pool plans. There will be a low chance of precipitation for the rest of the day so do not cancel any outdoor activities, on the contrary, we will have a very comfortable temperature to move around the city. Towards night, a significant drop in temperature begins that could even force those who want to go out to bundle up.

Sunday opens with an unrecognizable sunrise with a minimum temperature of 15°C, in the suburban sector, 13°C could be expected, accounting for the total exchange of air in our atmospheric column. The cold wind and instability will persist, although some fractures in the cloud cover could offer us some choppy sun. TWe will still retain a low chance of precipitation, but don’t cancel any outdoor plans, beyond any rain icon that may appear in your phone’s forecast. A maximum of 26°C is estimated keeping the summer in stand by.

The temperature will rise progressively next week, the summer heat will return on Wednesday with 31°C, while Thursday and Friday could add a couple more degrees with a high wind chill. There is no forecast of rain until Friday, inclusive.

That’s all, friends and friends. A fresh weekend is coming, from the summer perspective, Of course, 26°C represent very pleasant values, but they are not easy to achieve in the height of summer. Although we still have a few days of heat left, the days with high temperatures do not succeed and there is always a saving cold front on the horizon that will quickly cut the streak. Everything indicates that we would reach the middle of the month without any heat wave event or anything like it, although we still have a few isolated days ahead of high temperatures. Next week, we will already have one hour less sunshine compared to the solstice and that will make all the difference, we are close to entering a segment of slightly lower minimums and leaving behind the thermal shrillness. Perhaps the most moderate moment of summer is coming, with that calm heat that closes the thermal gap with the winter side. In the immediate, the summer warns that it takes the weekend but that it returns in a few days.

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