May 14, 2022 8:40 pm

Romeo Beckham the plugged in



In September of last year Romeo Beckham announced to everyone that he had signed for the Fort Lauderdale F.C. professional soccer team as a forward, in the third category of American football. What few know is that the owner, president and founder of the football club is neither more nor less than his father, David Beckham. Therefore, it is not surprising that many doubt whether the signing of Romeo It is because of his quality as a footballer or because of his plug. It is undeniable that because of who he is, he has had more facilities and opportunities, but that does not mean that carrying the weight of the Beckham name is not an easy task. Now, Romeo has all eyes on him, can he handle the pressure?

What is clear is that the young footballer you have in your house the best teacher to learn and stand out on the pitch and just as David did in his best stage as a footballer. At the moment he has a long way to go since despite having shown in his last matches a game with some quality details, his work on the field still leaves something to be desired.

Of the 4 children that David and Victoria Beckham have, Romeo is the one who has always shown to feel a great passion for sport, specifically for the tennis and, how could it be otherwise, also for football. While is true that the 19-year-old tried his luck at tennisfinally decided on follow in his father’s footsteps and focus on his career as a footballer.

Romeo and David Beckham- Lagencia-Crush

For now, if he decides to continue devoting himself to professional football, the young Beckham going to have to assume the constant comparison that fans will make and the specialized press of his work in the field with his father’s game considered one of the best footballers in the history of England. And to this we must add all those opinions that question the “plug” of his father.

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