May 17, 2022 1:30 pm

In two venues, the Mendoza festival of literature, graphic art and music A la Intemperie begins

From Friday to Sunday at sunset, in two locations in Mendoza -Tupungato and the provincial capital- there will be the first edition of the outdoor festival, organized by the magazine of criticism and culture The Intemperie, coordinated by the writers Sabrina Barrego and Pablo Grasso, and the independent music label FLAI. Writers, musicians, editors, performers and graphic artists will participate. The meeting takes place within the framework of the celebrations for the ten numbers of the magazine, which can be read at this link. As its name indicates, the festival will be held outdoors, complying with the corresponding health protocols.

In Tupungato this Friday evening there will be readings, music and self-managed stamp books

The magazine was born in 2019. “We have been working for three years and we are already in the tenth issue, with articles, a podcast and a radio column with voices from across the country -Barrego tells LA NACION-. We have also done cycles and talks. This year we are going to start the festival A la Intemperie, with the participation of editorial projects, musicians and poets from Santa Fe, Cuyo and Chile”. It is a self-managed and independent proposal, which seeks to federalize literary encounters. On Friday, the activities in Tupungato (Las Mercedes cabin complex, in Laprida 694) begin at 7:00 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 p.m., in the cultural bar Los Dos Amigos (Av. San Martín 2301-2399), of the city ​​of Mendoza.

In the cultural bar Los Dos Amigos, in the city of Mendoza, artists from Argentina and Chile will perform
In the cultural bar Los Dos Amigos, in the city of Mendoza, artists from Argentina and Chile will perform

Barrego, who was born in Buenos Aires in 1987, reports on the objectives of the festival. “The Intemperie brings together critical texts produced in Mendoza or related to works from the province, dealing with literature, cinema, noise, music and the arts in general -he says-. The event is a visibility space of the work sustained for three years, mapping a certain diversity of voices in the province, drawing a federal map and paying special attention to women and trans. On the other hand, we support the political gesture of building from the margins of canon-generating institutions and academies, summoning creators who are linked to the history of self-management in the province, Cuyo and Chile”.

For now, the festival does not have any kind of government support. “It is self-managed and preserves the independence of criteria and action,” says Barrego. And although this is the first edition, it is based on the experience of the Amargo Obrero cycle, also organized by the magazine and of federal scope, which was held seven times virtually and in person, as the pandemic allowed. In parallel, from 2021 The Intemperie promoted the circuit of publishing, graphic and handicraft fairs along with other projects.

Among others, the writers Daniela Bastías and Nicolás De La Vega, from Tupungato; Alejandra Pipi Bosch, from Arroyo Leyes (Santa Fe); Devenori, from Tunuyán; Clara del Valle, from Maipú; Maite Esquerré and Franco Funes, from the province of San Luis, and Leo Pedra, Claudio Rosales and Leonardo Agustín Alías, from the city of Mendoza. There will be performances by Pablo Grasso, Carolina Simón and Perro Looking at the Helicopter. The invited musicians are Juli Laparra, from Luján de Cuyo; Kari Villalba, Juan Breccia and Barrego y Tulpa, from the city of Mendoza, and the Chilean Rubí Monroys and Kuamboka.

The artistic exhibitions will be in charge of Claudio Rosales, Carolina Simón and Ludovico Zapata, and at the publishing fair readers will find copies of Ediciones Arroyo (Santa Fe), El Andamio (San Juan), and La Fanzinera del Sur, Garúa, Pendragon , Ojito Diario and Cosoconcosas, from the host province.

To know in detail the festival program, click on this link.

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