May 17, 2022 12:54 am

“Every day we have some arrest of police linked to drug trafficking,” said Sergio Berni in the middle of the investigation

In the midst of the investigation adulterated cocaine -fact that until now left as a balance 20 deceased and at least 74 people hospitalized in the province– and still without traces of a direct relationship between the sale of the drug and the complicity of some police force, this morning the Minister of Security of Buenos Aires, Sergio Berni, said: “Every day we have some arrest of police linked to drug trafficking”.

In dialogue with Radio Rivadavia, the Buenos Aires official was consulted on whether Internal Affairs of your portfolio is attempting to determine if that outlet located in the settlement known as “Gate 8”, of the party of February thirdHe had the complicity of police officers.

In this regard, he stated: “There is no doubt that drug trafficking goes hand in hand with corruption and that corruption cuts across all sectors: Police, Justice, media, lawyers,” without giving further details about that edge of the investigation that in the last hours has the country in suspense.

Yesterday, some relatives of the victims and residents of the area denounced that the Police were aware of what was happening with the bunker.

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