May 22, 2022 6:44 pm

Emilio de Justo will close with six bulls on Palm Sunday in Las Ventas




Emile of Just, the great winner of last year in Madrid, will close with six bulls from different herds next Palm Sunday (April 10) in Las Ventas.

Plaza 1 qualifies the gesture of the Extremaduran bullfighter, who had a formidable 2021 season, as a “major challenge”. De Justo, hired at the first fairs (Olivenza, Valencia and Castellón), will make his big bet in the April spring. The currencies? They will be those with a reason in their career, like Victorino.

In addition, the figure of Torrejoncillo, with fifteen years of alternative and in the best moment of his career, will be present in the most important bullfight on the calendar, the Charity, in a poster that Morante and Ginés Marín would complete, according to ‘Mundotoro’.

In the memory of the fans, the Palm Sunday that has generated the most expectation in the capital, with the remembered Iván Fandiño as the protagonist against six legendary irons.

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