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Do you know what saints are celebrated today, Thursday, February 3? Check the saints



The Christian Santoral celebrates today, Thursday, February 3, 2022 the Saint of St. Oscar of Bremen, among others.

Bishop of Hamburg and later also of Bremen, in Saxony, who, being a monk of the monastery of Corbie, was appointed by Pope Gregory IV as legate for all the lands of northern Europe, announcing the Gospel to large crowds in Denmark and Sweden and consolidating there the Church of Christ. After overcoming many difficulties with undefeated spirit, exhausted by his work, he died in Bremen

Today, 123,250 are the people who will celebrate their Saint. The Catholic Church commemorates St. Oscar of Bremen, on this Thursday, February 3, 2022. But, in addition to Adelino, Agatángelo, Azarías, Berlinda, Celerino, Laurentino, Félix, Leonio, Lupicino de Lyon, María de San Ignacio Thévenet, Óscar, Ofelia, Olivia, Trigido, Wereburga also have prominence today.

Roman martyrology It is the name that receives the list from which, today, all the names of the saints are obtained. This book is updated periodically, adding new saints after the canonizations carried out from the Vatican.

The day of the celebration of the saints has its origin in our culture thanks to the christian tradition who settled in Spain. But what does it really mean to celebrate the saint? The Christian religion has taken each of the days of the year to remember (commemorate) to those illustrious Christians who, moreover, suffered the torture of those who repudiated the Catholic faith.

Below you will find a list of the saints or saints which correspond to today, Thursday, February 3, 2022, according to our Hispanic tradition and the dates of commemoration of Catholic festivities, all of them related to events in the life of Jesus and the history of the church.

What saints are celebrated today, February 3?

The saints are much broader for each day. Today it is not only St. Oscar of Bremen but we also celebrate the onomastics from:

  • Adelino
  • agatangelo
  • Azarias
  • Marble
  • Celerino
  • Laurentino
  • felix
  • Leonio
  • Lupicino of Lyon
  • Mary of Saint Ignatius Thevenet
  • Oscar
  • Ophelia
  • Olivia
  • trigid
  • Wereburg

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