May 14, 2022 9:56 pm

Castilla y León elections: the campaign advances with another massive ‘landing’ of politicians




It is not a complaint but rather the verification that in the last fifteen days more politicians and national leaders have appeared in Castilla y León than possibly in the previous two years. The urgent need to campaign is reflected in the fact that only yesterday, Wednesday and a working day, three ministers, among others, another ‘ex’, the general secretary of the PP, the mayor of Madrid and the spokesman for Ciudadanos in the Parliament of Catalonia. Vox failed, but only by chance. Visits to companies, public events, many declarations and more promises. The provinces of Soria and Segovia were the most frequented. Moreover, the candidates of the PP and the PSOE, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco and Luis Tudanca, respectively, coincided in Segovia, where they held the day’s electoral act.

The Minister of Transport. Raquel Sánchez, was the first member of the Government to reach the Community, specifically to Zamora, where he spoke of mobility, High Speed ​​​​and, of course, the recently approved Housing Law to warn the autonomies that ‘they are lentils’. At noon, the head of Agriculture, Luis Planas, arrived in the Soria town of Valcorba, visiting the Copiso cooperative, dedicated to the manufacture of fodder, which the calves and lambs so photographed in this campaign eat. There he claimed to feel “proud” of the livestock sector and rejected those who “think that the world is black and white.” In the afternoon, the Minister of Education, Pilar Alegría, entered Salamanca, who met with groups from the sector and, as someone who does not want to, reminded her, the 234 million that the Government transfers to Castilla y León in educational matters.

Another electoral ‘traveler’ was number 2 of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, which staged in Valladolid the definitive reconciliation with the former provincial president of the party, now a councilor and head of the list, Jesús Julio Carnero. Egea spoke of the labor reform and attacked the “Sánchez delegate”, referring to Tudanca for his “lack of proposals”.

As for the natives, Mañueco started in Soria, where he visited San Leonardo de Yagüe, Cabrejas del Pinar and El Burgo de Osma. There he announced the conversion of the N-234 highway into a “high capacity road” and a “21st century train”. Later, in Segovia, he shared the lectern with the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who was convinced that the popular candidate “match by match, like Atlético” and “will win the elections, which is what Real Madrid does best.” . And in its most folksy version, he promised the attendees to invite “pincho y caña” if the PP got the fourth attorney in the province. Mañueco, for his part, described the visits of the ministers to the Community as a «plague of voles that we are going to end up at the polls».

On the other side, Tudanca spent the morning in Saldaña (Palencia) where he promised a reform of the Agrarian Law to guarantee “fair prices” to farmers and ranchers, in the face of the “photos” and “soflames” of the PP. He also ended up in the capital of the aqueduct accompanied by the former Minister of Health, Salvador Illa. which contrasted the “festival of democracy” that are the 13F elections with the closure of the activity of the Parliament of Catalonia. Tudanca, for his part, encouraged to end “with the day of the groundhog that the Community lives.”

The external support of Ciudadanos was the spokesman in the Parliament of Catalonia, Carlos Carrizosa, who highlighted the importance of “balancing” his formation which, as he clarified, prevents public debate from “falling into extremes”.

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