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María Casado: «I left TVE with my head held high»




A Mary Married (Barcelona, ​​1978) would love to interview Oprah Winfrey in ‘The three doors, the new TVE space that La 1 premieres tonight (22.40) live from Catalonia. He returns to the Corporation after his departure in May 2020 and his signing for Antonio Banderas’ television production company.

What doors has it closed and opened since then?

Close, some, but without slamming the door. I have opened the door to let my mind believe and create, to make a new family in Malaga. I have closed many fears, many insecurities and a lot of nonsense.

As which?

Sometimes, when you’ve been doing something for a long time, getting out of there is scary.

In other words, no door slam.

No. I’m not one for slamming doors.

I tell you seriously. I try not to do or say anything that, when time passes, I will regret. I have a good temper and a good waist.

But has he ever bitten his tongue?

Um… Yes. Yes. Yes. Sometime.

He doesn’t feel like he went out the back door.

Never. Never. No. I left with my head held high knowing that I had done a good job and that circumstances led me to leave. And I gave up my place.

Return to TVE under another administration. Did they want to do something with you?

They called. That he present to them what he wanted to do, which they trusted.

Antonio Banderas comments that he misses a type of television and that he does not feel free when he goes to interviews.

And that he speaks freely, but I understand it because the networks [sociales] They stop many people: “It is enough for me to say something and then any controversy will be messed up”. I want people to remove that fear.

The direct was an indispensable condition.

We deserve a live program, especially since life is live. And things happen.

You feel like a fish in water.

I whistle I have never liked recorded television. I have not felt myself. And there is the possibility that I, with the heels, could fall. I do not mind. I’ll get up and laugh.

The tranquility with which this program is sold seems incompatible with television times: immediate success is wanted.

Success, for me, is not going to be a number, but what it generates around. It is a very powerful bet that is going to generate another television offer that does not exist right now.

The interview as such has been moving to the platforms.

When you raise an interview program, everyone has that feeling. There are international references like Oprah and David Letterman. More than an interview, it will be a talk or conversation. I hope the guests ask me.

How far will it open in the program?

It is essential that I open up; if not, I can’t get the other to do it.

Would you have done it ten years ago?

Probably not because I didn’t even think about it, but I’m already on my way to 50, huh.

No! He’s forty…

I turn 44 in March. 50’s road.

You’re right, but…

I’m not lying!

He’s also on his way to 60.

Path of the hole (laughs). I didn’t think the same with 20 as with 40 in many things; your values ​​are the same, but fortunately the experience makes you change many things. Age takes away a lot of nonsense.


I already love myself as I am. I’m a very educated aunt and who doesn’t like it, ‘pa lante’. Antonio says that when things are going well for you, it seems that you are suspicious of something.

You are doing well in Malaga.

Well, not; very good (laughs).

But now he has to go back to Barcelona.

And I take advantage of the fact that my mother is here.

I thought she was very jealous of her private life.

I still am.

Has it opened up a bit?

Yes. Just because she’s still jealous of my life doesn’t mean she can’t go out, like everyone else, with her partner. That does have to be given normality because it has it.

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