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Jos Beek, the gynecologist who inseminated several patients with his sperm



The desire to procreate is intrinsic to the human condition and countless sacrifices have been immolated on its altar since man is a man, but in this case it was more about obtaining a bonus. Jos Beek He worked as a gynecologist at the Elisabeth Hospital in Leiderdorp, in the Netherlands, between 1973 and 1986. There he practiced fertility treatments in which, without warning the couples, orused his own sperm and he pocketed what corresponded to the alleged anonymous donation.

No one at the clinic suspected anything until last June when a lawyer from the Fiom organization came to the center to represent 21 children of women who had undergone these treatments, who kept

an obvious physical resemblance between them and were looking for their real father. Beek died in 2019, so he hasn’t gotten to know his offspring. DNA analysis did the rest.

Fertility treatments began to be developed throughout the world in the 1970s and some Dutch gynecologists decided to take advantage of this strategy to streamline processes and feed your checking accounts. This is already the third doctor discovered in the country. Like the Dionysus of the Eleusinian mysteries, he personally saw to it that women became pregnant.

“There is no evidence that the children and their parents were aware of this,” the clinic explains in a statement, which also says that it cannot determine how many patients were treated by this gynecologist during that time because the files have been destroyed. «The possibility that dozens of descendants will still be discovered is not ruled out.», admits the center, which is now called Alrijne, which is why it has appealed to all patients treated at some point by this gynecologist to contact the hospital. One of its board members, Peter Jue, has admitted that “the way this doctor acted at that time is unacceptable” and has lamented the “negative impact on parents and affected children».

Two other Dutch doctors – Karbaat and Wildschut – have also used their own semen in fertility treatments in the past.

As a mitigating factor, with regard to the hospital’s responsibility, it alleges that “there was hardly any regulation at the time regarding fertility programs. It was a field still in development and there was hardly any supervision» and stresses that «the situation is now completely different», with national protocols and «consistent and careful» methods. He has not said, but it is also true, that at that time there were no genetic analyzes available to almost anyone, so those who carried out this practice had total impunity.

Like Beek, he too must have thought that he would never be found out. Jan Karbaat, director of an assisted insemination clinic in Rotterdam in those years and father of at least 80 people. YJan Wildschut, who secretly used his own sperm between 1981 and 1993 in treatments applied at the current Isala hospital, then known as Sophia de Zwolle, and to whom dozens of descendants are attributed. In the Netherlands, these cases are becoming so frequent that there is already an organization like Fiom, specialized in paternity investigations in fertility clinics, a new detective genre that expects to give even more surprises.

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