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Despite the controversies, the new version of Snow White with flesh and blood actors continues

It is a fact that Snow White he’ll be back in the movies soon. When some thought and even announced that the new movie about the first princess of the Disney world was definitely canceled, the project is going ahead, but it is not yet known what features it will have.

The Mickey Mouse studio has long decided to add this character to the series of renewed versions, with flesh and blood characters, of some of his animated classics. But the controversy opened a few days ago by Peter Dinklage, the actor who became famous thanks to Game of Thrones, even questioned the whole idea of ​​​​concreting this remake.

Dinklage is a formidable performer who never goes unnoticed, especially since he brought to life the unforgettable Tyrion Lannister in the series created by George RR Martin. “I can’t remain anonymous because of my size,” he told Rolling Stone in 2012. He is five feet three inches tall, but that hasn’t stopped him from earning an increasingly important place in Hollywood.

Today he is mentioned as one of the possible candidates for the Oscar as best leading actor for his appearance in a new version for the big screen of Cyrano de Bergerac, Edmund Rostand’s classic, directed by Joe Wright. the premiere of Cyrano in theaters in Argentina is announced for next April 14.

Peter Dinklage (here, in a scene from Cyrano) opened a great controversy about the new version of Snow White

From an increasingly heard place, Dinklage starred in one of the strongest controversies of recent times, objecting from the root to Disney’s idea of update the history of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937), title with which the studio’s first cartoon feature film was released in Argentina. Walt Disney himself received on that occasion a special Oscar for having inaugurated a new era in the world of cinema with this film.

Neither the original film nor the variations it had in the following decades (such as snow white and the huntsman Y Mirror Mirror, both released in 2012) received questions as effusive as those made by Dinklage very recently. “Take a step back and see what you’re doing. Has no sense. In part they are progressive, but nevertheless they do this damn thing again backward story about seven dwarfs who live together in a cave. What the hell are they doing? ”, The actor was furious in statements to a popular podcast.

Dinklage had been perplexed by the contradiction in which, according to his point of view, Disney fell in relation to this project. On the one hand, it advertised with a spirit of diversity that an actress of Latin origin (Rachel Zegler, New Yorker with Colombian roots, recent and acclaimed star of the remake of Love without barriers directed by Steven Spielberg) would be the new Snow White. But on the other, this “different” actress would repeat the same story full of prejudice and discrimination.

"I will be a Latin Disney princess"Said Rachel Zegler, chosen to play Snow White in the version with flesh and blood characters prepared by Disney
“I will be a Latin Disney princess,” said Rachel Zegler, chosen to play Snow White in the version with flesh and blood characters prepared by Disney

“Didn’t I do enough from my foxhole? I guess it’s because I’m not talking loud enough. From now on all my love and respect for the actress and for all the people who trust to be doing the right thing, but at the same time I can’t stop wondering: What are you thinking?

A few hours after these criticisms were made public, Disney came out to respond. The studio said it is unwilling to perpetuate old prejudices and is working on pre-production for the film to that end. permanent consultation with people with achondroplasia, that congenital anomaly that in everyday conversations is known as dwarfism. Disney’s idea is to offer in the new version a “different take” on the classic story of Snow White and her friends.

“To avoid falling into the stereotypes of the original animated film we are taking a different approach with these characters and have consulted with members of the dwarfism community. We expect to provide more details as the project gets closer to the start of production, after a long period of development”, indicated the concise Disney statement released by the Hollywood press.

An image from the original film released in 1937, which launched an entire era for Disney
An image from the original film released in 1937, which launched an entire era for DisneyDisney

What will this “different approach” be that Disney is talking about? No one wants to risk an answer at this point, but some firm insiders indicate that the studio is thinking of turning the dwarfs from the original film. (known in the Spanish dubbed versions as Doc, Bashful, Sleepyhead, Sneezy, Happy, Grumpy and Clumsy) into some kind of “magical creatures” characteristics not yet determined.

In fact, some portals and Hollywood publications claim that Disney has already begun the search for voices willing to provide different characteristics to those still imprecise creatures, with the purpose of highlighting the values ​​of diversity that did not appear in an original version developed in another historical context. Speculation also extends to the type of visual effects that these “magical creatures” should have to stand out and show that the new version seeks to differentiate itself from the previous ones.

Another strong controversy broke out in the last few hours, when Zegler spoke of some negative reactions (in which there was no lack of criticism and accusations of a racist tone) regarding his choice to play a character who is of European origin and who in the original story of the Grimm brothers “has skin as white as snow”.

In a conversation with his colleague Andrew Garfield, promoted by Variety, Zegler admitted that Snow White is a big problem in Spanish-speaking countries. “Never in a million years would I have thought an opportunity like this could arise for me. Snow White is not normally seen as someone of Latin origin. It is a great icon, either because of the Disney classic, because of the different illustrations of it and because of the story of the Grimm brothers. But you don’t particularly see people who look like me playing roles like this. I will be a Latin Disney princess“, he pointed.

Gal Gadot, from Wonder Woman to the Evil Queen of the classic children's story
Gal Gadot, from Wonder Woman to the Evil Queen of the classic children’s story

Zegler is one of the three figures already confirmed for the film, which has been gestating for at least three years at the Disney studios and will be directed by Marc Webb (500 days with her, The amazing Spiderman). The other two protagonists are Gal Gadot, who will play the Evil Queen, and Andrew Burnap. The original songs of the new version of Snow White will be written by Benji Pasek and Justin Paul (La La Land). So far the premiere plans point to 2023.

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