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Cordova. The trial for the crime of Nora Dalmasso already has a date: March 14

CORDOVA. The widower of Nora Dalmasso, the woman murdered 15 years ago in her home in Río Cuarto, will be judged from next March 14, accused of being the intellectual author of the crime. The First Chamber of Crime 2 set this Tuesday the date for the start of the debate, which will include popular juries. On the 11th of this month, the electronic draw for the pre-selection of 50 popular juries will be held, from which 20 regulars and eight alternates will be chosen.

Dalmasso was murdered on November 25, 2006. how they were fulfilled 15 years, the cause prescribed; the prescription is only interrupted for the only pre-existing defendant, Macaroon, which is processed by homicide qualified by the link, treachery and price or remuneration promise”. If it were revealed now who the material murderers were, they could not be judged.

Children, Facundo and Valentina DalmassoThey support their father. And although they warned that they would be, they never became plaintiffs. The only one who has that role is Nené Grassi, the mother of the victim, who since 2016 He doesn’t have a lawyer. The Chamber that will judge Macarrón is made up of Daniel Vaudagna, Natacha García and Gustavo Etchenique Esteve.

The night of November 25 Dalmasso had dinner with some friends -they called themselves the “congresswomen” and declared that during the meeting she was attentive to the mobile phone- and told them that she was going back home. “Don’t bother me all weekend”, he asked them, enigmatically, when he left.

On Sunday, a neighbor found her murdered on her son Facundo’s bed; she was naked and had the sash of a robe tied around her neck. More than 20 people passed through the crime scene, which altered it. The first hypothesis pointed to a sex game and names of supposed lovers of the woman began to be unraveled.

The autopsy revealed that Dalmasso had been strangled with double loop and two knots, who had had consensual sex (she had vaginal and anal lesions) and that the murderer had hit in the chest, head and elbow: I had immobilized her.

Macarrón, meanwhile, was playing a golf tournament, which he won, in Punta del Este; Valentina was in the United States and Facundo, in the city of Córdoba, where he was studying. After the crime, it transpired that the marriage was having problems, that she wanted to get a divorce and that there were discussions about the distribution of the money.

The widower Macarrón is accused as the alleged mastermind of the crime.Archive

Five prosecutors passed through the case and there were two accused of homicide: Gastón Zárate, nicknamed “El perejil” -because he was charged as a “scapegoat”- and the victim’s son, Facundo Macarrón.

In the case of the widower, he was first accused of homicide because semen was found on Nora’s body, he paid bail of three million pesos and remained free. With another prosecutor, the case was re-labeled as “qualified homicide by price or remuneration promise aggravated by the link.”

The elevation to trial was carried out by the prosecutor Luis Pizarro, who stated that Macarrón “hired a person to kill his wife, for a price or promise of remuneration” and that “in order to achieve this objective, the accused provided him with information and, presumably, gave him the set of keys to the house.” He did not identify the perpetrators of the crime, nor did he explain how or with what Macarrón would have paid them.

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