May 19, 2022 1:19 am

Two former macrismo officials compared the resignation of Máximo Kirchner with that of Chacho Álvarez

The resignation of Maximo Kirchner to the presidency of the Frente de Todos block in the Chamber of Deputies unleashed a cataract of criticism in the opposition, from where they questioned the internal dissidence in the ruling coalition in the midst of economic problems.

In the midst of criticism, two assessments by former officials of the government of Mauricio Macri they drew attention. Is about Luciano Cohan, former undersecretary of Economic Programming, and of Adolfo Rubinstein, former minister and then secretary of Health.

Rubinstein’s comment.Twitter

The two former officials compared in the networks the resignation of the leader of La Cámpora with the impact that the resignation of the vice presidency of La Cámpora had in 2000. Carlos “Chacho” Alvarez for the then president Fernando de la Rua and the crisis that took place a year later for the country.

“The irresponsibility of the ruling party knows no limits. When the country needs it most, Peronism bets on selfishness and destabilization,” Rubinstein wrote, adding: “Any resemblance between the resignation of Máximo Kirchner and that of Chacho Álvarez is not just a mere coincidence”.

For his part, Cohan, who was in charge of the Undersecretary of Economic Programming in the Ministry of Finance, who knew how to conduct Nicolás Dujovne Y he retired in 2018 to return to private activity, he expressed the same opinion.

Luciano Cohan's opinion on the news.
Luciano Cohan’s opinion on the news.Twitter

It is like the resignation of Chacho Álvarez but without giving up the privileges so as not to go to jail”, fired the former official who also knew how to be director of the Elypsis consultancy.

As published by LA NACION, the representatives of the opposition did not take long to describe the act as “irresponsible” and as the evident demonstration of a “fracture” that weakens the power of the Government, at a time of economic crisis.

From the opposition blocs they also pointed out that the impact of the decision is greater as it takes place less than a day before the start of extraordinary sessions in the National Congress where the agreement with the IMF would be definitively discussed.

In a letter, Máximo Kirchner made public his resignation from the leadership of the block of deputies in the Lower House with strong criticism of the way in which the refinancing of the debt was negotiated.

“I have made the decision not to continue in charge of the presidency of the Block of Deputies of the Front of All. This decision stems from not sharing the strategy used and much less the results obtained in the negotiation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).”, He maintained in the document shared this Monday.

In his letter, the leader of La Cámpora distanced himself from Alberto Fernández and his Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, highlighting that the agreement was carried out “exclusively by the economic cabinet and the negotiating group that responds and has the absolute confidence of the President of the Nation.”

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