May 18, 2022 8:18 pm

They point against a former candidate of the Front of All for the usurpation of a field

From December 24 in the afternoon, the producers of Positions, in the loyal department of Tucuman, They are mobilized for what they describe as the “usurpation” of a 600-hectare field based on the presentation of an alleged Unregistered 1999 bill of sale. This document was submitted Pedro Ernesto Manzur a former candidate for alternate deputy of the Frente de Todos, and an employee of the provincial government. Alejandro Seleme he is the one who made himself known as his tenant.

Paulina Picon, heir to that field, explained to THE NATION that on the afternoon of the 24th, neighbors told them that “people had entered” the field with “seeders and machinery.” Her husband and an uncle, owner of a neighboring field, introduced themselves and the entrants left.

The occupants arrived with machines and seeders

“But the next day they came back, cut wires and shot and went inside; they’re still there”, he added. About 60 people went on the 24th and about 20 entered the place on the 25th at night. The field was fallow – a task prior to sowing – and the rains were expected to start sowing.

On December 27 they made the criminal complaint, but Justice entered the fair and still no progress has been made. In addition, they presented two amparos before the justice of the peace of Los Puesto; one for recover that field until the underlying issue is resolved and the other for being able to enter a neighboring one -owned by an aunt from Picón, Ernestina Teisaire- where there are 85 hectares of corn planted and require care not to lose them. They had no answers.

The Prosecutor’s Office ordered a police intervention after the complaint of Gregorio Tesaire, the owner of the field; Seleme – who claims to be a tenant – installed a container that they use as a box to store tools and change.

Picón says that his great-grandfather bought those lands in 1920 and were always in the hands of the family. It was a much larger field, of which 1,600 hectares remained divided among the heirs.

About 60 people entered cutting wires and with weapons, according to the owner
About 60 people entered cutting wires and with weapons, according to the owner

“We have all taxes paid and lease agreements. The land is divided between the three brothers, Gregorio, Ernestina and María Cristina, my mother, who died and that is why I inherited it. It’s all done before the Justice “, the woman recounts.

He assures that in the succession trials “Manzur never appeared with that contract of sale” and comments that, although there are no other complaints made, “other producers from Tucumán and Salta” they were told that “there are problems with the same people with other lands”.

Manzur, who appeared in the field last Thursday, is provincial government employee since 1980 and he was the second alternate candidate for national deputy for José Alberto Vitar’s list last year. He would also have filed an amparo claiming that the ticket he has be respected.

Marcelo Fajre, the lawyer for the Teisaire-Picón, told this medium that the modus operandi was to enter the field when Justice entered the fair: “We have proposed that it be treated as a fair matter, that is why the visual inspection was carried out on Thursday, so the resolution should be in these hours.” He added that they presented themselves with a “supposed purchase ticket from ’99 but since then there were other processes and they had never come close.”

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