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They eliminate the 2,000 expansions of Covid terraces in Madrid: this is how the entry into force of the ordinance affects




A total of 2,000 expansions of Covid terraces as well as 24 of those established in Special Acoustic Protection Zones (ZPAE), specifically in Gaztambide Y Azca, will disappear this Tuesday from the streets of the capital with the entry into force of the modified ordinance of Terrazas de Madrid. This has been announced by the vice mayor, Begona Villacis, who has been optimistic that with this measure “many urban legends around this ordinance will dissipate.” « The neighbors will be able to verify what the ordinance consists of. In the last protest, the organizer admitted that she had not read it. The terraces retreat and return to the original footprint. It is going to change the landscape quite a bit, “he stressed.

The terraces of the capital will be conditioned by the classified ‘saturated areas’ and their determination by three criteria, gas stoves will be prohibited in two years and the new sanctions included in the text include immediate closure. The main changes go through the definition of three criteria to determine what are the ‘saturated areas’. The first of these is that there is a high occupation of the space to install the terrace and it must also be accompanied by one of the other two requirements.

It will be estimated that there is high occupancy when on sidewalks with a width less than or equal to six meters, the space occupied by terraces exceeds 33 percent of the surface area available for installation and when the width of the sidewalks exceeds six meters, as well as in squares and pedestrian streets or dead end streets, the terraces exceed 40 percent of the surface available for this purpose.

The second of the requirements to determine a ‘saturated area’ will be high pedestrian traffic, that is, those sidewalks where more than 33 people walk per minute. The third criterion will be that of environmental conditions. Thus, ‘saturated areas’ will be considered those that have terraces within a radius of 150 meters around nursing homes, health centers with hospitalization or emergency services. Likewise, the classification of acoustic areas foreseen in the corresponding ordinance will be taken into account.

At a press conference, the spokeswoman for Recupera Madrid, Marta Higueras, pointed out that thanks to her training a greater definition of ‘saturated zone’ has been achieved, as well as the publication of the map of the zones. From the Territorial Coordination area they report that the map is posted on the Transparency website of the City Council, although it is not yet definitive. This will arrive within two months after the entry into force of the ordinance.

The terraces in plazas del SER, in two years

The terraces that at the entry into force of this ordinance are installed in parking bands may be maintained during the years 2022 and 2023, their operation being limited to 24 hours. They must visibly delimit their extension by means of barriers or high-intensity reflectors.

On the contrary, the terraces located in parking strips located in ‘saturated areas’, in Special Acoustic Protection Zones (ZPAE) and in environmentally protected areas will be removed when they occupy more than 40% of the existing strips in the street section. In the latter case, the authorizations will be reviewed and reduced proportionally at the proposal of the district to the level foreseen so that the occupation does not exceed 40 percent of the occupation of the parking bands.

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