May 22, 2022 7:44 am

The youtuber Yao Cabrera fell from a third floor and is hospitalized: “He is serious”

The well-known Uruguayan youtuber Yao Cabrera suffered an accident this Monday at home, located in the Cordoba town of Villa Carlos Paz. As confirmed by two sources THE NATION, he fell from the third floor of his house by accident, apparently while recording a video. Although the medical report has not yet been released, He is hospitalized and his health condition is serious.

Christian Manzanelli (former representative and promoter of the fight with Chino Maidana) confirmed to THE NATION: “He fell from a third floor while filming a video. It is serious”. In addition, he specified that they are still waiting for the medical part.

Yao Cabrera fell from the third floor of his house in Villa Carlos Paz (Photo: Instagram)

For his part, the lawyer Alexander Cipolla he told THE NATION that was informed of the situation, but what He still does not know the state of health of his represented.

News in development.

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