May 16, 2022 2:46 pm

The PP waves the flag of the self-employed in campaign before the “hachazo” of the Government




The self-employed demands they are present in all the electoral rallies of the PP. The match of Paul Married wants to take charge of the problems that affect more than 3.3 million self-employed workers, and who have suffered the consequences of the pandemic and the economic crisis with particular harshness. Now, in the midst of the campaign before the elections on February 13 in Castilla y León, the PP will launch an offensive to promote measures that cushion the crisis among the self-employed and to denounce the “hachazo” they have suffered by the Sanchez Government, according to popular sources.

The self-employed are one of those ‘niche’ voters that the PP wants to attract and consolidate, along with the rural world and specifically livestock and agriculture.

“We are playing a clear bet for businessmen, for the self-employed, while Sánchez raises the fees for the self-employed, we are going to double the aid,” warned the PP candidate, Alfonso Fernandez Manueco. Also Pablo Casado, at the Ávila rally, assured that his party will lay out “the red carpet” for these workers when he comes to power.

“We will not accept a rise in prices or that they are the pagans of Sánchez’s waste,” they warn from Genoa. “We will fight in Parliament and where necessary to reverse this injustice,” they warn, just before launching their political offensive throughout the country.

strategic sector

Casado relies on the measures that have already been put in place the barons, as an example of the policies that will apply when you arrive at La Moncloa. For now, the national president of the PP has placed a decalogue on the table, which he brings out in his rallies to put himself at the forefront of the demands of a ‘strategic’ sector for his party. Among the measures of that decalogue is included the “zero income, zero fee”, the bonus of one hundred percent of the Social Security fee from the first day of sick leave for those infected by Covid or in quarantine, the reestablishment of the flat rate for new self-employed workers at 50 euros instead of the current 60 euros, and the extension of the ERTEespecially for the tourism sector.

But the strong point of the PP right now is not in the promises, but in the facts, and these are in the communities, the spearhead of the power of the popular. The measures in favor of the self-employed are something essential in the management of all of them. Madrid It bets on the extension of the flat rate of 60 euros for the new self-employed, and they are allowed to pay that amount during the first two years of their activity. In addition, there is aid for workers who are self-employed, up to 4,500 euros.

In Castile and Leon, highlight the extension of the reduction of Social Security contributions, and the bonus of 4,500 euros for the stimulus for indefinite hiring of the first worker, which can reach 9,000 if certain requirements are met. Andalusia With more than 560,000 self-employed workers, it is the community with the most members of the Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers, with a flat rate in the second year, the start-up of the single window or the 300-euro non-refundable aid during the pandemic. Murcia, for its part, allocated more than 34 million euros in 2021 to help the self-employed, while in Galicia the self-employed account for 17.58 percent of the active population (second region with the highest weight of self-employed workers over total affiliations behind the Balearic Islands). Feijóo will launch a new ‘Strategy for self-employment’.

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