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The particular way that Susana Giménez chose to celebrate her birthday

A new birthday has arrived Susana Gimenez, and the celebration caught the attention of the media and her audience, who followed her closely on Instagram.

The diva turned 78 on January 29. It is usual for Susana to celebrate important dates in Miami or Punta del Este, but this time, the chosen destination was Colombia. There he decided to celebrate his birthday with his daughter –Mercedes Sarrabayrouse, who was discharged after being infected with coronavirus- and two more relatives.

On her Instagram account, Susana uploaded a short video in which the celebration can be seen. Along with those images, he wrote: “This is how my birthday started, having lunch on a raft in the middle of a giant lake. The food is brought to you by boat.

Susana Giménez showed her followers the room where she stayed to celebrate her birthday in the United States. instagram captureInstagram

The images of the place correspond to Antioquia, in Colombia. On the other hand, Susana shared postcards of the luxurious room in which she stayed and commented: “I bought pink pajamas, because yesterday I died in my nightgown (…). It’s 13 degrees, very cold. I didn’t know, I thought I was coming to the tropics and I didn’t bring anything. The Jacuzzi with hot water is on. I also have a fire lit, in case I want to talk, have a glass of wine or whatever”.

As expected, Susana received a barrage of birthday messages from the most important Argentine celebrities, among which Mirtha Legrand and Marcelo Tinelli stood out.

Susana Giménez filming a commercial in Maldonado
Susana Giménez filming a commercial in MaldonadoGentileza Abitab

That is how Susana’s days go by, in the middle of an agenda in which she also combines her work commitments. The most recent found her as a figure in an advertising campaign for Abitat, a Uruguayan collection network whose spot will have her as the main star.

porn and ice cream
porn and ice creamPress Amazon Prime Video

On the other hand, during March the fiction porn and ice cream, the series directed by and starring Martin Piroyanski in which Su makes a cameo appearance. About her participation, she said: “I am very happy because I am starting the filming of a series. I do one of the chapters, a cameo. I’m not the protagonist, but it amuses me because I haven’t done anything artistic for more than a year and a half and I wanted to do it”.

porn and ice cream will come to Amazon Prime Video next March 11.

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