May 14, 2022 1:38 pm

The Joe Biden government ordered a closure of all prisons in the country for a fight in a Texas prison

WASHINGTON.- Since Monday morning, silence covers the more than 120 federal prisons in the United States.

The Federal government ordered a general lockdown after a clash between gangs will leave two dead people and two others severely injured at the Beaumont Correctional Center in Texas. Today there is 153,293 inmates in federal prisons across the country, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). For months there has been a reported drop in personnel within the institutions which has opened the door to chaos among the inmates.

The BOP noted that officers at the Texas jail saw a fight between several prisoners around 11.30 am on Monday. Officers responded to secure the area. two inmates, Andrew Pineda, 34 years old, and William Riojas, 54, were pronounced deceased at a local hospital after the attack. Two other inmates were injured and received medical attention at nearby hospitals.

“Members of the MS-13 gang were involved in the altercation,” Two people familiar with the matter said they spoke on condition of anonymity.

The problem of violence in prisons has become recurrent in recent months. There have been serious security problems within the federal prison system, including several deaths and stabbings.

The Department of Justice announced a few days ago that the director of the agency, Michael Carvajal, resigned from office amid growing criticism of his management and after a report by The Associated Press in which widespread acts of corruption and other problems within the agency were discovered.

In the Beaumont case, several inmates have escaped from the prison complex in recent days, and union leaders have complained about what they described as a severe staffing crisis at the prison. The AP reported in June that security inside the compound was so lax that local police officers privately joked about the apparent “open door policy.”

“The (Federal Bureau of Prisons) has had to deal with multiple crises in recent years, including widespread staffing shortages, misconduct by its employees, and a series of prisoner breakouts and deaths,” reports the BOP.

A Bureau of Federal Prisons vehicle, in front of the Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth, TexasAP

The national lockdowns are relatively rare. The BOP implemented the measure in April 2020 as coronavirus cases began to rise sharply in prisons across the country, and once again after the insurrection in the Federal Capitol on January 6, 2021, as well as a few days before the inauguration of President Joe Biden that same month.

In a national lockdown, inmates remain in their cells for much of the day and visits are canceled. Due to an increase in coronavirus cases inside federal prisons, social visits had already been canceled in almost all facilities.

The emergency closure, which it is applicable in the more than 120 federal prisons that the BOP manages throughout the country, was sparked by fears that possible reprisals and acts of violence would spread to other facilities.

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