May 14, 2022 11:32 pm

The Civic Coalition denounced Juan Martín Mena and Cristina Caamaño for the march against the Court

A group of deputies from the civic coalition denounced John Martin Mena, Secretary of Justice, Cristina Caamaño, controller of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), for the alleged crime of abuse of authority and violation of the duties of public officials. He argued that they promoted a mobilization against the Supreme Court that aims to “pressure the judges of the Court and interfere in their work”, something that is prohibited by national and international regulations.

In the document they cited expressions of Men that show -they said- their explicit support to the mobilization. “I am always in favor of the popular demonstration of the people, when without intermediaries they tell the hegemonic powers their opinion and limits,” said the official.

Juan Martín Mena and the Minister of Justice, Martín SoriaMinistry of Justice and Human Rights

According to the complainants, in this way “the Secretary of Justice called for a march that aims to remove the judges of the Court, because it considers that it is a hegemonic power that must be set limits”. They warned that this exceeds the framework of healthy democratic criticism exercised under the right to offer their opinion freely. And they stressed that “the endorsement of mechanisms of direct pressure on judges” cannot be confused with “the right to petition the authorities or freedom of expression”.

The complaint was presented by the national deputies Maximiliano Ferraro, Juan Manuel López, Paula Oliveto Lago, Mariana Zuvic, Marcela Campagnoli, Rubén Manzi, Victoria Borrego, Laura Carolina Castets, Mónica Frade, Leonor Martínez Villada Y Mariana Stilman.

For all of them, “more serious were the expressions” of Cristina Caamaño, head of the AFI and president of the group Legitimate Justice, who asserted that “the mobilization of the people on February 1 is more than necessary.” He also said that the goal is “terminate the judicial corporation”.

The comptroller of the AFI and president of Legitimate Justice, Cristina Caamaño
The comptroller of the AFI and president of Legitimate Justice, Cristina CaamañoArchive

In this sense, the deputies stressed that the group Legitimate Justice, chaired by Caamaño, publicly called for the march. This organization, they warned, has judicial officials related to the front of all, As the national judge Juan María Ramos Padilla, one of the organizers of the march. “D´Elia He stated that it was not he who organized the march, but rather that it was organized by federal judge Juan María Ramos Padilla and other judicial officials related to Kirchnerism,” they stated in the judicial brief and presented the statements of the judge In an interview: “In order to advance, the four courtiers have to leave.”

In addition, they presented the Legitimate Justice to call the event. “We support and will attend March #1F to join in expressing popular rejection,” says the text. It also details the requests that they will formulate collectively, among them, “the reformulation of the highest instance of the Judicial Power”.

“The statements and maneuvers outlined, come face to face with the international and national regulatory framework”, affirmed the complainants in their presentation. By lottery, the case fell to judge Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi and prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita.

Maximiliano Ferraro, national deputy and president of the Civic Coalition
Maximiliano Ferraro, national deputy and president of the Civic CoalitionSantiago Filipuzzi – THE NATION

Within normative instruments they made reference to the Inter-American Democratic Charter, which establishes that “they are essential elements of democracy (…) the separation and independence of public powers”. After citing other regulations, they affirmed that “all international instruments protect the independence of both judges and prosecutors from pressure and interference from other state powers and especially from the Executive Power.”

They also recalled that the National Constitution establishes that the mechanism for removing judges from the Supreme Court is impeachment, as indicated in articles 53 and 59. Lastly, they concluded that “the Secretary of Justice of the Nation seems to have ignored the regulations.”

The mobilization to dismiss the judges of the Supreme Court, called by Kirchnerism and supported by the Government, will take place today at 18 in Plaza Lavalle, in front of the Palace of Courts.

The protagonists of the call they are the kirchnerist leader Luis D’Elia, the president of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Association, Hebe de Bonafini; the member judge of the Oral Criminal and Correctional Court 29 of the city of Buenos Aires Juan Maria Ramos Padilla; the co-secretary general of the CGT, Pablo Moyano; and the social leader Miracle Room.

It also has the support of public officials at the highest level of the Government, such as the Ministers of Justice, Martin Soria; of security, Hannibal Fernandez, and Territorial Development and Habitat, Jorge Ferraresi.

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