May 15, 2022 2:34 pm

The Board doubles the care capacity of the Medical Day Hospital of the Talavera hospital center




The Government of Castilla-La Mancha has doubled the care capacity of the Medical Day Hospital of the ‘Nuestra Señora del Prado’ University Hospital, in
Talavera of the Queen
, what happened from two to four beds and from seven to twelve armchairs. In addition, it incorporates a technique room for performing procedures with independent patient entry.

The president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, accompanied by the Minister of Health, Jesús Fernández Sanz, and the mayor of Talavera, Tita García Élez, visited the new facilities of the Medical Day Hospital on Tuesday, which has changed location from the hospitalization area on the fourth floor to the ground floor of the outpatient area.

A change of location, has indicated the head of Health, which is part of the project being developed by the Talavera Integrated Care Management to concentrate all Day Hospitals in the same area.

Until 2020, the Oncohaematological Day Hospital was located on the ground floor of the hospital and that same year the Allergy Day Hospital was launched, mainly intended for desensitization therapies for children.

In October 2021, the offer of the Oncohematology Day Hospital was increased, extending the activity to the afternoons. This provides coverage to patients who require longer treatments and avoids duplicating visits on some occasions and admissions on others.

Now, as Fernández Sanz explained, “with the inauguration of the new Medical Day Hospital, significant improvements have been achieved since, in addition to increasing its care capacity, its new location on the ground floor allows better accessibility for patients who do not they have to circulate through the different floors of the Hospital».

This is a substantial improvement since many of the patients who receive treatment at the Medical Day Hospital are undergoing immunosuppression treatments and, therefore, have a higher risk of serious infections.

In addition, the new Medical Day Hospital is located close to the emergency room, of special interest in the event that a patient presents a serious complication during treatment, and also close to the Diagnostic Imaging area. The location of the three Day Hospitals in the same area will improve the management of human and material resources.

The service portfolio of the Medical Day Hospital, in which last year more than 2,100 treatments, includes, among others, the administration of intravenous biological treatments; of immunoglobulins and coagulation factors; intravenous iron and blood products, as well as other intravenous hospital treatments.

This device also performs muscle ischemia tests, dysautonomia diagnostic tests, apomorphine tests, as well as techniques from the Chronic Pain Unit, paracentesis, thoracocentesis, lumbar punctures and new treatments in patients affected by multiple sclerosis.

New Minigym in Pediatrics

The president of Castilla-La Mancha has also inaugurated, together with the Talavera karate fighter and Olympic champion Sandra Sánchez, the new minigym installed in the Pediatrics plant of the Talavera hospital, as a result of the collaboration between the Management of the Integrated Area of ​​Talavera and the Association ‘The Power of the Tracksuit‘, promoter entity of the project.

Sánchez and García-Page pose with staff from the Medical Day Hospital – JCCM

This mini gym has been paid for with the prize that Sandra Sánchez obtained in her last European championship. It is a gym adapted to the needs of children and adolescents hospitalized in the Pediatrics ward, thus making it easier for them to carry out physical activity in the center in a different way than usual.

For the launch of this minigym, the association ‘El Poder del Chándal’ has donated the necessary material to the hospital, such as a puzzle floor and five machines (static bike, treadmill, stepper, twister and elliptical bike). The minigym It has been located in a space, located at the end of the Pediatrics floor and next to the Hospital Classroom, specifically adapted for the machines and the rest of the material.

Is the second minigym that the association ‘El Poder del Chandal’ installs in a public hospital in Castilla-La Mancha. The first was launched, in 2020, at the National Hospital for Paraplegics in Toledo.

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